Conforming to  International Standards With Sports Betting Software Provider Altenar

Conforming to International Standards With Sports Betting Software Provider Altenar

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In a recent interview with Altenar’s Denise Vella who is the sportsbook software provider's Head of Information Security and Technical Compliance,  viewers of the interview were offered an insight into the world of sports betting security and the measures Altenar takes to ensure the provider can assess risk, manage the impact of any potential data breaches and maintain compliance with legal obligations. 

Recently, the Information Security Team at Altenar, spearheaded by Denise, managed and achieved the ISO27001 Certification for Altenar for the design, development, deployment and operation of solutions as a technology supplier to the igaming industry including all functions based at and operating from their offices within the UK and Europe. Denise explained in her interview, that the standard adds an emphasis on regular reviews and continual improvements and the certification is valid for a 3 year cycle along with a yearly surveillance audit to ensure conformance to the defined policies and procedures. 

Adding to the recent success and achievement of the ISO certification, ahead of the iGaming industry’s ICE expo, Denise highlighted the importance of assuring our business customers that we take data privacy and security seriously which the ISO certification offers for their many B2B customers operating around the world. 

Conforming to global standards means that ‘Altenar takes a proactive approach to mitigate the risk of data breaches and should it happen, we are taking steps to reduce the impact’ for the operators who partner with Altenar, ‘where the management team ensures we have the necessary resources to drive this.’ 

A Structured Information Security Framework, Processes and Security-Focused Culture At Altenar 

As Denise’s interview continued and the knowledge that underpins her words shines through to viewers, it becomes clear the importance of ISO certification and what it adds to the institutions that hold them. 

Denise explained, ‘this defines a management system for information security, offering us a framework that consists of policies, management processes, defined responsibilities and a set of controls covering all areas of IT.’ Without a pause, Denise continued with, ‘from human resources security to access control, to business continuity and incident management.’ 

With an ever-growing importance of security at Altenar, Denise furthered a common understanding that the sportsbook software provider takes information security seriously when she explained, ‘this certification, amongst others, helps to set up a security culture through workshops and training on a company-wide level.’ This ensures ‘that everyone is aware of their responsibilities to continue to achieve and maintain security standards’. 

With Altenar holding a gaming licence  in regulated markets like Malta, Romania and the UK, and also being regulated and holds certifications for a host of other jurisdictions  this achievement is something the sportsbook software provider is proud of and acknowledges the additional benefits. 

You can discover more about Altenar, regulated markets, new releases, market reports, insights and case studies by visiting today or contact the team behind the security-focused sportsbook software provider, Altenar. 

You can also find more Altenar interviews via the provider's YouTube channel. 

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