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Altenar: A Meeting Place For Innovative Technology, Industry Leaders And Great Coffee

Company culture is one of those niche, specific and often intangible entities that companies go on about in interviews, across social media and the like, where images and responses are not only curated in that glossy-Hollywoodian-style where there’s not a blemish or bruise insight but often don’t demonstrate company culture at all. 

It’s within the details that the true essence of company culture can be found, from the intricate relationships built between co-workers, where a moment on the sofa with a cup of coffee is equally treasured as a moment behind a computer screen and offers a minute or two of respite from a busy industry. To a work ethic that sees employees love their time at the office, in a home-from-home situation where they feel not only safe but intellectually valued and respected. 

With Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, many employees speak out on the tremendous work culture that has played a role in their overall success within their chosen field, whether that’s computers, marketing, sales and more … Altenar has offered a meeting point for professionals to become leaders. 

Altenar’s Co-Founders CEO Stanislav Silin and COO Dinos Stranomitis recently took part in a video interview where the two discussed Altenar’s work ethic, culture and overall worker experience from a host of global offices. 

Altenar Is Home To A Dynamic Work Culture and Innovative Ethos

As the camera panned across a chalkboard sign stating ‘don’t count the days, make the days count’ it became clear that Altenar’s office environment was one of encouragement and dedication that was often felt by and encoded into employees who freely enjoyed the space available to them. 

COO Dinos explained in the video that ‘if you let people decide you get great leaders’ and it’s from this that Altenar has seen employees promoted into leadership positions, cultivate a happy work-life balance where employees come together out of office hours to enjoy each other's company, and have spurred on greater organisational growth for Altenar. 

Even being able to work from anywhere, Altenar’s employees choose to participate in office life because of the environment that CEO Stanislav and the team built from the ground up, all the while hoping to keep this environment harmonious for all. 

You can discover more about Altenar’s company culture by following the team on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where many employee-centric events are posted. 

To learn more about Altenar’s sportsbook software contact the team today and discover how you can benefit from the company culture at Altenar.

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