In-Land Vs Online Sports Betting: A Retrospective | Altenar

In-Land Vs Online Sports Betting: A Retrospective | Altenar

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Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, looks at the revenue history of in-land and online sports betting around the world, and has compiled interesting results. 

The below graph shows how online betting has far exceeded in-land betting over the past years, and as a result, has seen many in-land operators looking to add or create an online betting platform. 

As of 2020 online betting grossed 40 billion USD against in-land betting that grossed 28 billion USD, and even though in-land betting has seen a small rise as the effects of the pandemic wears off in certain countries, in-land betting hasn’t returned to its former glory. Whereas 2012 saw in-land betting grossing 32 billion USD and online betting grossing 15 billion USD. 

As the rise of online betting continues to grow and more players and operators are looking to make the shift from in-land to online, companies like Altenar are answering the calls of increased demand. 

From the graph below, it’s clear that online betting is not only growing in sports content and revenue, but in those accepting the inevitable shift from in-land betting to online. 

A Deeper Look At In-Land Vs Online Sports Betting

In-Land and online betting have drastically different modes of operation outside of the core sports content, which, thanks to Esports and fantasy leagues, will soon have online betting far outweigh in-land betting as well. 

Online betting has better instances of protecting operator revenue and player deposits, because online betting is often cheaper than in-land betting. 

As a result many operators are leaving the realms of in-land betting and making the all-important shift to online betting, and the result is that many are seeing drastic increases in revenue.

Pros For Online Betting

  • Online betting is exciting 
  • Online betting is convenient 
  • Online Betting offers budget friendly and budget-apt gaming 
  • Ample choice of bonuses and awards
  • Offers a great return on investment(s)

Pros For In-Land Betting

  • Atmosphere 
  • Distractions are usually involved, like food stalls, other people and potentially some other aspects like bars, games etc.

With an increase in convenience, the ability to bet more efficiently and an overall increase in revenue for operators, it seems that the above graph demonstrates an upward trend for online sports betting and what it can and will achieve for operators making the shift, or, looking to add sportsbook to their preexisting online gaming platform. 

It’s with sportsbook software providers like Altenar, that help to curate the sports betting market, by answering industry demand and creating the demand as well that operators prosper. For instance, with the recent release of the NBA Bet Builder, Altenar was able to answer a demand and create the demand at the same time, for those who not only love Basketball but want to get that close-enough-to-touch experience as well. 

If you’re looking to add that extra-flair to your sportsbook then contacting Altenar will give you a blueprint to achieve within the sports betting market, and create a bespoke-to-you experience like no other on the market today. 

Visit Altenar’s website now for more information. 

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