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Sports Betting Year-On-Year Increase For Sweden With A Little Help From Altenar A Sportsbook Software Provider

The Swedish iGaming market is growing and with it, the call for bespoke and customisable sports betting software, the likes of which, Altenar a sportsbook software provider has ample success in. 

According to recent reports the Swedish 2021 gambling market and sports betting realm saw a 5% revenue increase as of the 2021 findings and as a result saw the country receive a total of 2.41 billion Euros in revenue, that’s set to increase further as of 2022. 

It's thanks to the likes of Altenar that such high increases are accessible to the market, and it's Altenar’s ahead-of-the-curve sports betting software that has propelled many operators into these waters of success. 

Though, one of the main reasons that Altenar was and is selected by operators, especially on the Swedish iGaming market, is because Altenar are able to adapt to situations where licensing requirements change or new legislation is put into place. With the Spelinspektionen, the Swedish governing body for lottery, betting and gambling, taking measures to ensure safer gaming and as a result, bringing in new legislations into place, Altenar is greatly adapted to attaining the right licences, abiding by country-by-country laws, and having a strong sense and implementation of safer gaming ethos’ throughout their operations. 

This is one of the reasons why Altenar is a top sports betting software provider, especially within the Swedish market. 

Though, what else do Altenar offer their customers, clients and esteemed long-term partners? 

Let’s take a look … 

Sports Betting is Only Getting Better Especially in Sweden

Altenar stands out among sports betting software vendors by providing a wide range of features, methods, and solutions that turn a platform into a long-term success. Altenar has an incredible amount of figures, statistics, data, and revenue coming in, as well as, a wealth of history within the sports betting market.

A manual-aspect backend and a fully adjustable front layer enable operators to generate reports and track bettors and increasing, improving, risk management systems that are always growing. Altenar can do this while maintaining your selected branding style. All of these aspects are compatible with the sports content that adapts to the needs of your bettors, and adding new features and software like widget technology that can lead to increased betting frequency.

Altenar is progressing for its operators, with new tools like Bet Builder for Basketball set to be released during the year. As a result of this ambition to maintain the build of wonderful and awesome software and sportsbooks, the top-of-the-line sportsbook software provider is able to build a stable foundation that is adaptive to change and one that actively embraces it.

Altenar's assistance, new certificates, licences, and adherence to new standards are not only possible, but also straightforward, especially for operators.

These are a handful of the reasons why Altenar can generate data that sets records. Visit their website today to learn more about the sports betting software provider, as Altenar's sportsbook is where stability meets flexibility and as a result, operators are flocking to find industry case studies, market data, trends, and general knowledge on the iGaming business as a whole from a market leader, Altenar. 

You can make something bespoke and special with Altenar by contacting the team today.

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