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The Perfect Pairing: Sports Betting and Romania, According To Altenar A Sportsbook Software Provider

The sports betting market in Romania is booming, and there’s literally no other word that quite encapsulates the essences of this sports betting market. For this reason, many operators flock to Romania for a slice of the wide and varied selection of betting available in the country. 

It’s here and in these realms of variety that Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, shines as they are able to offer operators a wealth of industry-specific knowledge, access to several data providers, and a top-notch risk management system that will see it’s second phase come into full-force through 2022. 

In tackling the increased risk of cyber attacks, Altenar is helping to create a world and market of safer betting for operators and customers alike, who are then able to access the plethora of content available in Romania. 

The list appears endless though this offers ample opportunity for operators to offer niche sports content and this is an area of expertise for Altenar, the sportsbook software provider. 

Football, Hockey, Tennis, Horse racing, Boxing, Golf, Car racing, Baseball, Volleyball, Cricket and Basketball … All of which Altenar can host for you through its customisable sportsbook, that is upgrading player specials, NBA leagues and countless other sports events. 

You can discover more about Altenar and what they offer via their website, though, it’s interesting to note the below statistics that Altenar compiled on betting-type revenue from 2020 to 2026. 

The above graph demonstrates three key betting types and the revenue they have generated and are predicted to generate in the coming years as the expansion of the sports betting world continues past its present new wave.

In 2021, the Romanian market saw a revenue of 25.7 Million USD (Football), 2.6 Million USD (Basketball) and 11.6 Million USD (Cricket). This grew exponentially to the present day where 2022 saw a revenue of 28.5 Million USD (Football), 2.9 Million USD (Basketball) and 12.8 Million USD (Cricket). 

In line with the current growth, Altenar has aided operators in achieving within these types, and other betting types, and with an increased offering coming this year from Altenar.

It’s predicted that in 2026 the sports betting market in Romania will rise considerably with 45.6 Million USD (Football), 5 Million USD (Basketball) and  20.8 Million USD (Cricket) adding to the overall betting revenue for the region.  

In line with Altenar’s stats and data on the Romanian market, you can learn more about Altenar and the industry by contacting one of their passionate professionals today.  

Discover ‘stability meeting flexibility’ and the chance for success with Altenar.

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