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Having 24/7 Trading & Risk Management Support Is A Must For Sportsbook Operators | Altenar Looking After You

Trading and risk management is a must within the sports betting software industry, and though this is nothing new, Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, offers its risk management and trading support services 24/7 since 2013. 

When the award-winning globally-recognised sportsbook provider explains that it offers fully-managed solutions this encompasses the entire project lifecycle, from creation to maintenance. 

Operators can rest assured that there will be an Altenar professional ready to help you should you require anything for the running of your sportsbook solution, 24/7. 

With each operator having a designated and dedicated account manager, any potential issues faced or changes needed are handled by this individual, who will take care of everything from trading, risk management and segmentation. 

This function and service helps to tackle and reduce any concerns around scams, hacking, and generally any malicious attacks that might occur. 

Discover more about Altenar’s long-standing and well-appreciated 24/7 trading and risk management by contacting the team today! 

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