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Altenar’s Promotional Features That Help Operators Gain & Retain Players | Early Payout, Bore Draw & 0% Margin

Promotional features offer operators opportunities to gain and retain players and build, with time, player loyalty to their brands … Though, with increasing competition on the market, how can operators ensure player satisfaction? 

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, brings exceptional promotion features to its clients from early payout and bore draw to 0% margin, offering a breadth of choice for the always changing and adapting player. 

With a player-centric approach to development, Altenar understands that as 2023 takes off, so too will the need for the below features. 

So, how can you, an operator, benefit from Altenar’s promotional features? 

Early Payout - Promotional Features For Sportsbook

With Altenar’s early payout feature, some selections of the match-bet-market are decided (and likely settled) before the final outcome of a market is actually decided.

A classic example of an early payout is for the soccer 1x2 market where many bookmakers offer a “2 Goals Ahead Early Payout”. Meaning that if one team is up by two goals at any point during the game the selection of that team in the 1x2 market prelive should be settled as won.

Altenar will set-up the relevant configuration once the operator has chosen the sport, category, parameter and type they would like the promotional feature on.

This feature can be offered  on the following sports and markets: 

  • Soccer: 1x2
  • American Football: Winner (incl. overtime)
  • Basketball: Winner (incl. overtime)
  • Tennis: Winner
  • Baseball: Winner (incl. extra innings)
  • Ice Hockey: Winner (incl. overtime and penalties)

Bore Draw - Promotional Features For iGaming Operators 

Altenar’s  Bore Draw Money Back applies when someone places a bet at specific soccer markets (which are configurable). Then, if the game finishes 0-0 AND the bet loses, a full refund of the stake is applicable. If someone has placed a bet at a Bore Draw market and the game finishes 0-0 but this results in a winner status bet, then the bet winnings will be credited as usual.

Again, Altenar can apply the bore draw feature once selections have been made by the operator. 

Bore draw is available on the following markets: 

  • 1x2
  • Correct Score
  • Halftime/Fulltime Correct Score
  • First Goalscorer
  • Last Goalscorer
  • Anytime Goalscorer

0% Margin On Event Level - A Must For Operators

Altenar can give specific events to the users with 0% margin that has been translated with better odds - by giving this to the user means the operator is giving a portion of their winnings to the user (promotional tools). 

With Altenar, an operator can create their own 0% margin configuration. 

This very effective marketing method for bookmakers, can be used on the event level.

Altenar offers 0% margin on the following market:

  • Soccer → 1x2 0%  
  • Basketball → winner (incl. overtime) 0%  
  • American Football → Winner (incl. overtime) 0% 
  • Tennis → Winner (incl. overtime) 0%
  • Baseball → Winner (incl. extra innings) 0% 
  • Ice Hockey → Winner (incl. extra time and penalties) 0% 

You can discover more about promotional features, sportsbook solutions and all-things Altenar by contacting the team today!

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