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Bet Builder | Delve Into Altenar’s Improved Features for 2023

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, is known for its continual strive for progression, improvements and innovation, and as we enter the final lengths of 2022, Altenar looks forward to the next phase of its award-winning features. 

Bet Builder is a firm favourite amongst players, and Altenar has extended its current offering (Soccer) by adding NFL and Basketball and MLB. These editions to the Bet Builder feature will drastically increase your player's satisfaction and can even draw new bettors to your ever-expanding portfolio of content. 

With player retention and enjoyment in mind, Bet Builder is available on pre-live events only. Altenar has also added Player Special markets in its Bet Builder offering. This functionality can increase interactivity as it’s much akin to in-person betting. 

For the first time, Altenar’s Bet Builder function will allow your players to combine markets/bets on the same event!

Altenar will release a string of new and improved features for 2023, and you can find the tier-one provider at a host of upcoming events and expos.

Want to get ahead of the game? 

Contact Altenar today to begin your sportsbook journey or to talk to one of Altenar's passionate professionals. 

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