Glitnor & Altenar Take The Nordics By Storm | How Long-Standing Partnerships & Market Expertise Spell Success

Glitnor & Altenar Take The Nordics By Storm | How Long-Standing Partnerships & Market Expertise Spell Success

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As EGR Nordics comes ever-closer, the world of iGaming is looking to the competitive and impressively engaged gaming landscape of the Nordic countries, where more and more operators are looking to enter the space. Especially with the growing rumours around potential regulation in Finland. 

Entering a competitive market or enhancing your present iGaming offering in this space can be daunting, though having the peace-of-mind of a well-versed provider can help to bolster your online or in-land offering.  

Glitnor and Altenar have found a quid pro quo relationship within the Nordic region and have established a service and solution that promotes and embodies fairness, simplicity, reliability, flexibility and stability.

Altenar’s Commercial Account Manager, George Mavridis, has this to say on the relationship between Altenar and Glitnor, as well as, the potential for the Nordic regions, ”We are very fortunate that we have cooperated with Glitnor since 2018 as their sportsbook provider in a very competitive market such as Sweden and Finland. Our software and strategy have been built around the legal framework.The nordic market despite lots of restrictions, specifically in Sweden, presents continuous growth in regard to marketing and betting rules. We eagerly anticipate the decisions for Finland, in regard to the regulator and we are sure that we will be well prepared.”

Speaking with Glitnor’s Sportsbook Manager, Tomas Bodell, insight was given into the future of the Nordic region, why they chose Altenar’s sportsbook solution and how designing a trusted brand is key. 

Discover what Tomas had to say during his interview below. 

As industry veterans, what drove Glitnor to the Nordic countries?

“The individuals who established Glitnor, including our founders, have a long history of successfully building and promoting brands in the region.”

“We possess a thorough understanding of the market and are adept at navigating the well-defined legal system of Sweden, in addition to utilising established payment solutions.”

Being a highly trusted brand in the Nordic market, why did you choose Altenar’s Sportsbook for this space? 

“Their sportsbook offering aligns with our casino brand's values of fairness, simplicity, and reliability. Altenar provides a well-designed selection of popular sports and markets that are competitive in the industry.” 

“Additionally, their total package that includes product, risk management, and support is reasonably priced, and they are attentive to our specific requests for localisation of our product.”

What is the potential of the Nordic region and how has it grown in the past years? 

“To thrive in the highly competitive Nordic market, which is relatively small in terms of population, is essential for us to focus on fine-tuning our product, and treat our customers in the best possible way.”

“Despite the fierce competition, the market itself is stable, with a deep-rooted tradition of engagement in casino and betting activities.”

What most excites you about the Nordic region this year?

“We are closely monitoring the ongoing discussions surrounding the potential regulation of the industry in Finland.”

You can discover more about Altenar by visiting and you can learn more about Glitnor by visiting their website today!

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