The Shifting Sands Of US Sports Betting: Privacy Laws & Personal Data | Altenar

The Shifting Sands Of US Sports Betting: Privacy Laws & Personal Data | Altenar

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As regulated sports betting reaches the shores of the United States and ahead of the year to come, it’s best to review how the changing landscape, increasingly smart technologies and further demand will shape how regulation adapts to the growing pool of personal data and the laws that protect it. 

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, takes a look at player privacy in a growing betting landscape, as data accumulation scares, responsible gaming tools and overall, greater player protection at the forefront of the iGaming industry. It’s no wonder that many sportsbook operators are looking for ways to ensure they can surf the sands of change while protecting their valued players. 

It appears that personal data can outgrow privacy laws and in turn, leave players and their information at risk, especially when playing online. To avoid this there are practices that an operator can put into place and regulations that states and governments can adhere to. 

Some tools are as follows: 

  • Using payment methods that don’t use personal information like e-wallets (account numbers, card details, etc … )
  • Using techniques that replace personal data while still allowing the data to be used for certain purposes or alternatively, where not strictly required, remove personal data from datasets, making it impossible to identify individuals 
  • Leveraging information security standards to help manage privacy by providing a framework for protecting sensitive information
  • Setting up strategic partnerships with industry experts to keep abreast with changes in the regulatory landscape
  • Designing software that assesses security throughout the entire software development process

Operators can ensure compliance with privacy laws by following regulations, conducting regular audits, following industry best practices, self-regulating, being transparent, educating consumers, and cooperating on an international level. These can include encrypting personal data, having clear privacy policies, training employees on privacy laws, and informing customers about their rights. This helps to protect personal data and ensures that the operators are following the legal requirements 

Could The European Model Influence The Growing US Landscape?

Europe introduced its GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) some years ago, and this system and structure helped to protect players' data, as well as, ensure data autonomy and control for individuals. 

Here are the benefits for your players from a model like GDPR - 

  • The right not to be subject to automated decision making & profiling 
  • Mandatory reporting of breaches 
  • The right to be forgotten: the right to have personal data removed from a company. 
  • Extraterritorial reach: companies outside of the EU using this data must abide by the GDPR if the customer/player/client is an EU resident.

You can discover more about sportsbook software, regulation, safer gaming and your desired betting landscape by contacting Altenar today! 

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