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Getting To Know Basic Bet Types | Altenar & You

Getting to know your basic bet types is a simple way for your players to feel informed when placing bets on specific matches, events and overall, how this information and sense of understanding of the betting world can increase player retention rates. 


This article will focus on three main basic bet types, Totals, Handicap and 1x2. If you’d like to discover more about Altenar, the sportsbook software provider, and other ways to increase player retention rates through different betting features, visit today to discover a host of informative articles, reports and case studies. 


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So, looking at three basic bet types offers an increased knowledge for your players, and in doing so, you represent a small portion of operators that understands the value of the player goes beyond monetary aspects and this is often felt by the gamers too. 


Totals | Betting Type 

As a popular and common alternative to 1x2 and Handicap betting, Totals, the focus is not on determining a winner of a match but on correctly foreseeing game variables like runs/points/total goals, or, any quantifiable variable. 


Handicap | Betting Type

Handicap, as a type of betting, focuses on one team that is heavily favoured against their opponents to win a match or event. As a means of countering this suggested bias, bookmakers will offer this betting type to, in essence, ‘level the playing field’. 


This is applied to factor in the final score and determine the games outcomes to help inform the purpose of the bet, which could not reflect the actual result. 


1x2 | Betting Type

As one of the most common types of betting, 1x2, is the simplest way for a player to understand the cost of a bet. 

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