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Could AI Reduce Problem Gambling & Betting? | Altenar

In a 2022 published article in the New York Times, Bradford Pearson explored the idea that AI could reduce problem gambling and betting by predicting player behaviours that jumped the line between entertainment and problem. 

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, looks at the potential AI holds in helping reduce problem gaming.

This speculation around AI helping problem betting and gaming, came from the mind of Alan Feldman, a veteran of the iGaming world, who noticed, one hectically fruitful day at the ICE London expo some years ago, that some exhibitions claimed to use AI to predict problem gaming before it occurred. 

Mr Feldman, a fellow at the University of Nevada in the field of problem gambling, rose to the idea that companies like Mindway AI could use several factors to predict problem gaming, both in-person and online, though the approach would have to differ slightly, where face recognition tools couldn’t be used over the internet, for example.  He also  mentioned: A.I. as a solution to problem gambling “raised far more questions than it did answers.

Pearson's article details the factors considered by the AI system, “Those include money and time but also cancelled bank withdrawals, shifts in the time of day the player is playing and erratic changes of wagers. Each factor is given a score from 1 to 100, and the A.I. then builds out a risk assessment of each player.” 

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