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The Benefits Of Offering Mobile Apps To Sports Bettors | Altenar

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, understands the value of a mobile sportsbook and believes that offering your players and bettors access to their favourite sports content on the move can increase your revenue and player retention rates. 

As a mobile-first provider, Altenar has an affinity with how welcome mobile sportsbooks are around the world, whether it helps to bridge expensive data gaps in Africa or promotes areas of innovation in security, sports betting and software.  

Though, what are the direct benefits of offering a mobile version of your website-centric betting page? 

Let’s take a look …

Increased Opportunity To Offer Bonuses & Promotions 

This might first appear to be a benefit for players, and in part, it is … However, many players and bettors are likely to become loyal consumers of your content if they feel they’re rewarded for their spent time and money. 

Betting On-The-Go

Your players having access to your state-of-the-art sportsbook wherever and whenever they like can boost positive attitudes towards your site. This process can help to fill the long commuting hours, and long trips and overall fill the time where boredom just won’t do. 

Secure Betting

Many players often worry that mobile betting isn’t held to the same high standards as desktop betting, and this simply isn’t the case. With Altenar, as with many mobile-first providers, security is of the utmost importance and is something your players can rely on to keep financial and personal data safe. 

Inclusive of firewalls, regulations and SSL encryption, mobile betting sites add extra layers of security for your players, which could increase who uses your new mobile betting site. 

You can discover more about mobile betting and how to add Altenar’s tier-one sportsbook to your offering by contacting the award-winning team today. Design your sportsbook now!

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