From The Legacy Code: Altenar’s Co-Founder And CEO, Stanislav Silin, Discusses Sportsbook Software Innovation

From The Legacy Code: Altenar’s Co-Founder And CEO, Stanislav Silin, Discusses Sportsbook Software Innovation

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With a recent cohort of filmed interviews, Altenar’s passionate team, creators, innovators and founders have been traversing the world in search of more business relationships, interesting technologies and further inspiration for what is being built at Altenar, a

With a history of independent sportsbook production fr om award-winning technologies, outspoken happy customers and year-on-year increases in company size, revenue, recognition and invention, Altenar’s CEO and Co-Founder discussed, in one of the above-mentioned video interviews, how being one of few module sportsbook providers has been a unique selling point for many operators. 

Stanislav spoke to the interviewer about Altenar’s early software and product ‘that has seen several iterations from the beginning of Altenar to now’, wh ere it was clear that the growth of technologies available and Stanislav’s involvement with pioneering sports betting technologies, offers him a great sense of pride, achievement and hunger to learn and develop more. 

From this, Stanislav smiled from fond memories and noted, ‘that’s the secret to the software industry, you just can’t stick to the legacy code’, and from this, it was evident that pioneering software in the sports betting world has offered new opportunities both in business, and what is possible for players and operators thanks to the likes of Altenar. 

So, what else did Altenar’s Co-Dounder have to say about technology and growing from a legacy code?

Altenar’s Strong Point In Sports Betting

‘Having started with little competition’, it was clear that Stanislav and the resulting Altenar had created something uniquely special, which remains bespoke to this day. 

As Altenar’s product continues to evolve, grow and pioneer, the team behind the sportsbook software provider are experiencing inordinate amounts of recognition and ample space for further development over the coming years. 

Looking at Stanislav’s interview, which can be found on Altenar’s YouTube channel, it’s clear that the origins and legacy code of Altenar has fed the current model of sports betting, and will hopefully continue to add worth to the iGaming industry for another several years and beyond.

You can find other interviews with Co-Dounder Dinos Stranomitis, sales managers and security team members on Youtube. 

Want to discover more about Altenar? From case studies and market reports to player-psychology articles, fact-or-fiction features, new releases and more? Visit or contact the passionate team behind the sports betting software provider. 

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