Holland Roundtable | Q&A 2

Holland Roundtable | Q&A

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1. Talk us through your first few months of being live on the regulated market – what’s resonating with players?

Definitely the wealth and quality of content available through Altenar’s sportsbook solutions, we’re seeing a greater adoption of betting on traditionally loved sports, though, it seems that the market as a whole has been given what they’ve wanted for some time. 

It’s beautiful to see sports betting bringing more people together again in a regulated market, that here at Altenar, we’ve been wanting to be a part of for some time… It’s tremendously exciting to see the birth of a new regulated market and to be an integral part of it as well.

2. Given the unique Dutch land-based heritage across arcades and the like – how much do you see that giving Dutch players a unique type of player profile compared to the likes of the UK and Scandinavia?

We expect to see them be abundantly unique at present, because we’ll be collecting data fr om these player profiles that might cool down after the initial few months of the market being regulated, wh ere the shift between sometime-players and seasoned-players will begin to show more of a pattern. 

We expect to see different types of sports content becoming popular in the Dutch market, that might not be as favoured in others, and potentially a different preference for types and ways of betting, like bet builder or widget use, given their heritage for arcade-based games and the speed of those games. 

Only time will tell on this front.

3. When it comes to regulation – how much has there been to navigate in comparison with restrictions in other European markets when going live? Does this mean a significant change to strategy?

With the Netherlands having a ‘restricted unless licensed’ approach to sports betting, it means that Altenar has experienced a great win in achieving regulation within that market. Though achieving the licence offered its own series of waters to navigate, as with all markets, we adapted the sportsbook the best way we knew how to achieve regulated status in the Netherlands. 

There have been no changes to strategy but for now the Netherlands is an emerging market, so what could change over the next year or so, is a game of chance, but as always, Altenar is adaptable and will adhere to the market growth however the region sees fit. 

4. Last but not least – what’s your hottest vertical that readers should be watching for this summer?

Esports and the sports,leagues and markets our Bet Builder will have access to: these growing vertices have seen outstanding success in the past months and we predict will grow further as more next-gen gamers and seasoned players explore newer games, leagues and offerings.

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