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Altenar SBC Promo Interview For Upcoming Barcelona-Based Expo With Dinos Stranomitis, Director & COO Altenar

It’s certainly been an exciting six months for Altenar! Can you talk us through your highlight successes and what’s been key to making that happen? 

I think, with the first six months of 2022, the key points to consider are returning after the pandemic and what will eventually happen in Eastern Europe.

During the pandemic, we have found that exhibitions have returned to form - we went to many events, and we've been successful in ICE in 2022 and then, of course, we have visited many customers in Canada and Barcelona. In the first six months, I actually found myself travelling quite a lot, for a number of reasons!

The other major talking point from this year has, unfortunately, been the situation in Eastern Europe. This isn’t something that has affected us from a business perspective, as we do not have any dealings with the countries involved, however it is one that has been of concern for us as a wider industry. 

Last but not least, in 2022 we now have a new sales team in place after an internal restructure exercise, which will be announced very soon. Visibility is important to us – showing our new faces to the market will be a vital part of our efforts to attract as many new partners as possible. It’s a very exciting time for all things Altenar!  

With Altenar’s sportsbook live across the majority of Europe’s key markets, what’s your take on what key topics will be at SBC Barcelona when it comes to developments in Europe and beyond?  

The objective is quite simple. We already have a significant footprint in Spain, we have Jokerbet, Paston, as well as signing Casino Gran Madrid, and we will see two more operators soon coming to us. We’ve got a fantastic team working with the market and we’re set for further expansion in Spain, so stay tuned!

Besides that, Spain is very much the gateway to LatAm, so with that in mind, we expect to see some of our existing LatAm customers coming to Barcelona. SBC Barcelona presents us with the opportunity to have meetings and host existing customers and potential partners. Our objective is to continue growing in Spain, with an aim to establish ourselves well in LatAm. Given that it’s such a dynamic growth region, I certainly expect it to be a key part of the event’s agenda! 

Looking to the show, what’s Altenar excited about and what are your plans for showcasing your products on the floor? 

On the show floor, we will be promoting all of the fantastic new features we’ve launched recently. The Altenar sportsbook really is one of the best in the game, and we’re looking forward to showcasing why we’re the best of the best. 

North America is a key part of our expansion plans, so first up is our bet builder – which we’re about to launch for American football, as well as for baseball – which I think sports fans are really going to enjoy. Our 0% margin for selected football events has proven really popular, as well as early-payouts, all of which have been excellent for operator engagement and retention. 

For us, it’s safe to say that whoever visits us will see a very strong product, with the potential for many more things to come. Given our approach to innovation and standing out from the crowd, we always prioritise close communication with our audience and markets – meaning we always aim to keep the industry informed on what they can expect from us. 

Given the current regulatory outlook for Europe, what’s your advice to the industry and operator partners on getting the best out of engagement and retention with players? 

The main focus for the industry, for our partners, for our relationships, and indeed for everything, is that it is now very clear that a company with a future is one that holds licences. My advice would be to be licensed in as many countries as possible, with the UKGC and MGA being key examples. 

Internally, every operator and every provider need to be efficient in a compliance sense, and have the technical ability to support those licences. This means having a specific department that takes care of certification, compliance, and regulatory technical constraints.

This is a process that we make look easy: we just make sure that we have the right people in the right place. Investment is necessary to succeed in areas like this - I would advise the industry to internally build a department that takes care of licences. For us, such an approach has really paid off, and with 13 major jurisdictions now our home, including the UK, Malta, Spain, Colombia, Denmark and Sweden, we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved over the last decade.  

Last but not least, comparing North America, LatAm and Europe – which markets do you see offering the best opportunities for growth in 2023 and beyond? 

I would agree that at this moment the main growth region is the US, but we are waiting patiently in the corner to see what happens there. Other than that, in terms of North America, there is potential in Canada. Mexico also presents some opportunities but fighting for further growth there is not easy, as in many ways it is a very mature market. 

In Latin America, we have a very strong and solid footprint. Progress there will be determined by Brazil’s next move – it will be difficult if Brazil does not introduce regulation similar to the European framework. I believe this will be crucial for its growth.  

Of course, the obvious target for 2023 is Europe – there’s still plenty of space for innovation and given that there are plenty of small-to-medium operators looking to make a name for themselves, there is space for competition. As to how we come into that – we’ve got great scope to work with both up and coming brands, as well fostering growth with tier one operators to help them maintain market share. 

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