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Experiencing Increased Demand For Your Content As A Result Of New Players? Here Are Some Top Tips For Your New Bettors To Ensure You Retain These Beginners.

Altenar a sportsbook software provider, is aware that gaining new bettors is an excellent achievement because it reminds you that your content is not only eye-catching but truly enjoyable to experience, as well as being able to curate an online ecosystem that is a welcoming place for new and seasoned players. 

As a result, you could be experiencing increased player engagement and a high amount of ‘new or beginner players’ because more and more individuals are coming to the world of sports betting for its entertainment value. 

So, here are some pro-tips on how to keep your new players entertained and coming back for more, in the form of how they bet and what they bet on. 

Advising your new players to make consistent but smaller bets could ensure you keep your new bettors, as you offer the content they love. 

Starting With Small Bets 

When players begin betting it can have the candy-lover-in-a-candy-shop effect, and bettors are likely to bet on a wide range of leagues, matches and sports as a result, though this type of experience might not be conducive to continued interaction with your betting content. 

However, advising your players to make smaller bets could mean they don’t lose big and get discouraged from the betting experience. 

Focus On A Small Area 

Additionally to the above tip, guiding your new players to bet on specific leagues or sports can reduce any overwhelming sensations a new bettor might experience having only recently entered the world of sports betting. 

It also allows your beginners to build knowledge around betting, which has been proven to increase bettor interactivity as they believe to have some deep understanding of the betting world. 

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