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Director Of Operations Antonis Karakousis Speaks On The Growing Popularity of F1

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, has witnessed the increased demand for Formula 1 betting content and as a result, currently offers operators looking to add F1 to their offering, live odds and live match tracker animation.  

Amidst the 2022 Grand Prix, Altenar and especially the director of operations, Antonis Karakousis, have noticed a spike in player interest around the world, as the fast-paced game offers players a sense of national pride, a look at some of the most technically advanced cars in the world and a sense of camaraderie amongst fellow F1 fans.

Speaking with Antonis, it became clear as to why the sport had found a home in sports betting, and it relied on the ‘mirrored admiration and love for data-centric environments, technology and pioneering how fans experienced the sport of F1.’ 

Altenar’s Director of Operations continued, ‘in witnessing the boom of this sport in the betting industry, this growth fills me and Altenar with hope on how successful F1 will become around the world, and for different markets. Which could spawn newer technologies, features and experiences for an operator’s bettors.’

Currently, through the standard integration, Altenar’s features - live odds and live match tracker animation - can be seen and experienced, especially if you’re looking to add F1 to your offering.

Antonis believes ‘that F1 betting is a must-have addition to any sports betting platform and portfolio, and this is something Altenar can offer in abundance, along with state-of-the-art software, 24/7 customer support, risk management infrastructures, and a general passion for amazing sports content.’ 

Contact Altenar today to request a demo or to begin your F1 betting content journey! 


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