GullyCricket And Altenar Bring Mobile-Only Cricket Betting To Canadian iGaming Market

GullyCricket And Altenar Bring Mobile-Only Cricket Betting To Canadian iGaming Market

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Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, has recently partnered with the forward-thinking GullyCricket to bring mobile-only fantasy cricket to daily players, bettors and gamers who demanded access to sports leagues, and content and were unable to find an offering quite like the one conceived and actualised by GullyCricket’s Co-Founder and CTO, Mukul Sharma, CEO Phil Levine-Caleb and Altenar’s capable team and sportsbook solution bringing cricket betting to GullyCrickets audience. 

Speaking with Phil on the recent partnership between GullyCricket and Altenar in the Canadian market, it was easy to discern how GullyCricket came to the decision of harnessing Altenar’s Premium Cricket feature and how this will revolutionise how players experience GullyCricket in the coming years in helping the team expand into cricket betting. 

Phil explained, ‘We assessed several betting platform providers spanning across various sizes and geographies. We found Altenar was particularly well suited to fit our needs given that they are both large enough to provide anything that either us as operators, or our players would be looking for, but also small enough to be agile and move quickly.’ 

It’s in this agility that Altenar has become a global sportsbook provider; where adapting to local, niche and changing markets has become common practice for thesportsbook software provider, so much so, that GullyCricket ‘looked at several companies using the Altenar product and liked what we saw fr om a user experience perspective.’ 

Entertainment As Revolution | Altenar & GullyCricket

Technology and innovative solutions for online entertainment are a common ground for GullyCricket, a fantasy cricket operator, and Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, which formed the perfect pairing when it came to entering the Canadian market. 

Speaking on the background of GullyCricket, Phil detailed ‘I had previously worked at a successful Daily Fantasy Sports startup in New York. I loved the fact that I was working with intelligent people in a fast-paced environment, so the idea of working at a fantasy sports/sports betting startup was appealing to me. However, I felt as though my calling was to try to start my own thing. Daily Fantasy Sports was the only industry in which I had sufficient knowledge to get a reasonably good product off the ground.’ 

Though Phil Paid homage to Co-Founder Mukul by saying, ‘the idea of doing Daily fantasy sports and sports betting for the sport of cricket specifically was my Co-Founder and CTO, Mukul Sharma’s, idea, as he is from, and currently lives in, India. He was able to quickly identify cricket, specifically, as having significant unmet demand.’

The Canadian betting market has offered GullyCricket and Altenar the opportunity to fill the ‘unmet demand’, and as GullyCricket ‘is currently the only major operator offering Daily Fantasy Cricket contests to the estimated 20 million cricket fans in the US and Canada’, the mobile-app will bring allow access to the masses.

Phil continued, ‘given the regulatory shifts in Ontario, home to a large contingent of cricket fans, we saw an opportunity to expand our offering to include a cricket-centric sportsbook to Ontario cricket fans’, and this is wh ere Altenar’s adaptability, tier-one sportsbook solution was truly the only choice for GullyCricket. 

Altenar and GullyCricket currently have aims to grow in Canada’s new regulated market, and as the space grows and finds its feet, many new operators, gamers and providers are looking to this region with potential. 

Phil commented on GullyCricket’s aims and how seizing the day will hopefully propel them into great success: ‘Our goal right now is to become the absolute best cricket betting and daily fantasy cricket product in the Western Hemisphere, specifically targeting well-regulated countries with large contingencies of cricket fans’. 

Though Fantasy Cricket and now, cricket betting is not all that GullyCricket offers… besides its flagship sports content, the team behind the operator understood the desire for other Esports and fantasy leagues which further GullyCrickets fanbase. Phil explained, ‘We do indeed currently offer other sports for both our fantasy contests product and within our sportsbook, but where we truly edge out any competitor, within the territories in which we operate, is on the cricket side’.

Being a global operator, and needing a global provider to help answer the demand, GullyCricket understood that a ‘long term strategy’ was needed, and Phil coloured this in further detail: ‘the best strategy was to target territories that not only had large contingencies of cricket fans but territories of which we also felt most confident in the future regulatory statuses’. 

With the future looking bright for GullyCricket and Altenar’s continued growth within the Canadian market it appears that the sky's the limit. 

You can discover more about Altenar's cricket offering and sportsbook solutions by visiting or contacting one of the team members today. 

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