An Immersive User Experience With Top Events Carousel From Sports Betting Software Provider Altenar

An Immersive User Experience With Top Events Carousel From Sports Betting Software Provider Altenar

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Altenar, a sports betting software provider has a host of features and improved operating systems for 2022 as the sports betting industry continues to witness exponential growth. With these features, more content and an overall increase in user experience, Altenar’s sportsbook software is the talk of the town. 

With sports betting software features bringing 2022 to the forefront of sports betting history, in terms of content, increased participation and player retention, a sportsbook software provider and the resulting operating partners must look to the future on how to adapt to an always-changing market.

One of Altenar’s core mantra is ‘stability meets flexibility' and as a result, many operators have experienced this ethos’ in real-time and to their advantage … as having a sportsbook software provider that values the ebb and flow of the sports betting market is a key tool to have in the figurative back pocket of an operator site.

Altenar released its events carousel for its operators and their bettors, it’s key for you to understand what this hot new feature will add to your website!

Let’s take a look at what you can expect fr om Altenar and how it will bolster user experience and your bettor retention…

Traditional Gaming Ideas To Next Generation Implementation With Altenar 

With a new user experience from the brand new, top events carousel from Altenar, thesportsbook software provider, players can see the best sports content without the need for pointless scrolling or clicking through a host of different events to find the best game, league or event for them. 

Amongst a plethora of sporting content, Altenar’s events carousel sorts events by sport so that players have easier and quicker access to the content they love on your operating site … Not too dissimilar to the way widget technology enables bets to be placed quicker. 

In a world wh ere the faster-the-better mantra drives bettor behaviour, it’s no wonder that an events carousel will increase player participation and draw the attention of new gamers who come across your operating website. 

Not only this, but with Altenar’s feature, the events carousel, a player can choose between live and pre-live events that almost replicate the circular motion of a teleprompter. For players on your sportsbook website, being able to have a running stream, in essence, of the live and pre-live events you offer through your sportsbook software provider is invaluable. The motion further blurs that line between in-land and online gaming, extrapolating similar visual pleasures from offline betting and bringing them to the online sports betting world.

Along with this feature, players will be able to see live event information to further add to the overall player experience and immerse the bettor in the worlds, games and events they love. 

If you’d like to discover more about Altenar, the events carousel, other amazing features and what the team behind the sportsbook software provider can offer you, then visit Altenar’s website today for a chat! 

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