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Altenar Takes A Look At Functional Core Solutions For Sports Betting In Estonia

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, looks to Estonia to admire the functional core that sportsbook solutions has offered the region to propel the local economy, and how this has had a string of positive reactions throughout Estonia.

Online gambling hasn’t graced Estonia for long, in fact, it was only in recent history that online gaming was legalised within the baltic country, as a way of bolstering the local economy and as a result, the online gaming industry was allowed to flourish within the Estonian operating market to this day. 

As a result many online gambling companies, sports betting operators and lotteries have flocked to the country that has become a hotbed for iGaming since 2010. 

As of 2018, a report by News Wire, entitled Estonia Punching Above Its Weight outlined the tremendous success the relatively sized country had experienced in the sports betting industry, against its other Baltic neighbours that have embraced sports betting and iGaming with the same vigour. According to this report, sports betting held a GGR of 21.9M Euros that had grown from the previous year where it stood at 16.6m Euros, and was predicted to vastly increase from these numbers moving forward.

With a 31% online presence for active players in the country, in 2017, opposed to the 41% offline bettors, as of 2018, this number is predicted to have skyrocketed during 2020 and 2022, which saw a global increase in iGaming as a direct result of the pandemic. 

Though, how can a sportsbook software provider and in turn, an operator navigate the unique waters of the Estonian iGaming market, offering something for every type of player that either prefers online or offline gaming? 

Let’s take a look at what Altenar a sports betting software provider suggests?  

Sports Betting Takes The Wheel In Estonian iGaming Market | Economic & Entertainment  

The three E’s; Estonia, Entertainment and Economy, are a match made in sports betting heaven, and as an increase in participation begins to rise throughout the 18-36 age demographics, it’s prudent that operators know what they can achieve in Estonia's iGaming market and how best to achieve it. 

This is where Altenar can shed ample light, given their wealth of industry experience and expertise. At Altenar, the sportsbook software provider, the team understands what it takes to amplify an operator in a country where online and offline gaming battle for dominance, and this is through the likes of Terminals… that offer greater brand penetration throughout a market that still cherishes offline betting. 

Alongside the mobile-first sports betting software, Altenar offers top-of-the-range sports content like Football leagues, Basketball and more, which offers bettors a host of content to choose from. Though it doesn’t stop there, with access to several data providers, operators are able to offer top data sources to prevent site-surfing. 

With a customisable front layer and a manual-aspect backend, operators can rest easy knowing that their sportsbook solution, provided by Altenar, is not only designed with functionality at its core, but stability and flexibility as well.  

If you’re looking to enter the sports betting market in Estonia be sure to use Altenar, as they know the value of online and offline market penetration. 

You can speak with Altenar today via their website, and discover why their stability meets flexibility mantra is one to harness for the ever growing iGaming market of Estonia.

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