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Altenar’s Use Of Artificial Intelligence With Insights From The Company’s Data Analyst

Altenar’s use of Artificial Intelligence will allow the Sportsbook software provider the ability to reduce its overall running costs and increase satisfaction levels for both operators and players accumulating in one of the world’s leading Sports Betting Solutions. 

To gain deeper insight into the world of AI Algorithms and Altenar, it seemed apt to interview one of the entrenched Data Analysts employed by the Sportsbook provider, who has seen several iterations of the solutions created by Altenar and been detrimental to the development of the SB2 as it currently operates. 

Altenar’s Data Analyst takes us through the process of applying AI and Machine Learning Algorithms to global data and how Altenar’s processes have been successful in achieving business goals, and milestones while increasing the overall trustworthiness of Altenar’s product from a security perspective. 

What Are The Aims Of Altenar’s Artificial Intelligence Algorithms?  

“The field of artificial intelligence is constantly evolving, and businesses are looking for ways to leverage this technology to gain a competitive edge. Altenar is no exception, as we strive to use machine learning algorithms to help us better understand our customers' behaviour and predict important operational metrics.”

“One of the main ways we're using AI is through prediction. We're using models to predict customer churn rate, for example, so that we can take steps to retain customers before they decide to leave. We're also using models for classification, which allows us to group customers or markets into different segments based on their behaviour or performance. This is especially useful for understanding which segments of customers or markets are most profitable, and how to target them with promotions and other marketing efforts.”

“We're also using clusterization techniques to help us identify patterns and relationships in our data. For example, we're currently working on a project to detect abnormal markets, where players' winning performance may seem unusual compared to other markets. Additionally, we are working on player segmentation which enables us to distinguish different groups of players and understand what content and features are most appealing to them."

What Is The Pipeline For AI / ML Algorithms | Proof Of Concept To Back End

“At Altenar, to ensure our models are effective, we follow a specific pipeline for AI/ML algorithms. We start by understanding the business needs, studying the data for consistency and veracity, creating an MVP model that works well with sample data, testing the model on different data, creating a more complex model if needed, approving the model before management, deploying the model to production and finally monitoring, maintaining and supporting the model's performance.”

“We use a variety of tools to assist with data processing and analytics, including Jupyter Notebook, Apache Kafka and Spark. With these tools we are able to handle big data and perform complex calculations quickly and efficiently. Additionally, with Apache Kafka we are able to quickly access data from multiple sources and avoid using APIs, which allows Altenar to perform any required data changes at a faster pace.”

You can discover more about Altenar, its solutions and the people building a globally recognised and award-winning sportsbook solution by contacting the team today for greater insight and a demonstration of your next business venture! 

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