How Sports Betting Is A Prominent Fixture In Romania’s iGaming Landscape | Altenar On A Global Scale

How Sports Betting Is A Prominent Fixture In Romania’s iGaming Landscape | Altenar On A Global Scale

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Gambling, especially sports betting and lottery, has been a staple of Romanian culture for decades and has seen the much-loved pastime trickle through generations as a greater global sphere of betting content and sports events has penetrated the gambling market. 

With the widespread use of the internet and a growing number of gaming businesses taking their venture online, Romania has been a country to follow suit and promote online gambling as long as it’s with reputable and certified providers (Altenar) and operators. 

This article aims to offer a brief overview of the iGaming landscape throughout Romania and how providers like Altenar are well-equipped in navigating any changes to law, regulations and content needs. 

With new and improved features released throughout 2023, increased use of Artificial Intelligence like Machine Learning and an expanding geographical footprint, Altenar has become one of the best sportsbook solutions providers on the iGaming market today.

You can discover more about Altenar and its solutions by contacting the team today!   

A Brief Modern History Of Sports Betting Software In Romania

Looking at the world of foreign investment in betting, casino, poker, and gambling overall, Romania saw the benefit of opening its iGaming doors to providers and operators with the best-of-the-best technologies and revered European regulations and certifications. 

With providers like Altenar, this rigorous requirement list ensures the protection of players from excessive playing and playing with unregulated operators. As a country filled with generational gamblers, it’s important to nurture the pastimes of the country and Altenar understands the value of taking traditional sports betting into the future of iGaming. 

Below is a brief and concise overview of Romania’s history with gambling and its 20-year (and growing) relationship with access to online sports betting and iGaming content. 

          ⬇                                               ⬇                                                        ⬇                                                      

Loteria Romana             Democratic Re-Launch: Legal Gambling     Initiative for Foreign Investment

        1906                                             1990                                                 2003 

Insights Into Regulation In Romania | Altenar & You

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider understands and appreciates the inherent value of holding regulatory certifications and licences and being compliant with any changes that are needed. 

You can discover more about Altenar and Romania by contacting the award-winning team today! 

Gambling activities are also regulated using instructions, orders or decisions issued by the ONJN concerning various aspects of gambling activity, such as:

  • The certification of online gambling platforms.
  • Interconnection protocols and reporting requirements for slot machines.
  • Reporting of the revenues obtained by both land-based and online operators.

Betting activities are permitted under Romanian law, and the gambling legislation expressly regulates three types of online betting:

  • Fixed-odds betting;
  • Exchange betting; and
  • Mutual (pari-mutuel) betting.

Altenar As One Of Romania’s Sports Betting Software Providers

Given the recent history of sports betting in Romania, it's worth considering how Altenar and others who entered the iGaming space early on have thrived in an ever-changing and competitive landscape.

Romanian and foreign operators and players can benefit from multiple data providers, lower latency, in-demand content, 24/7 customer support, and sportsbook software tailored to niche markets and players.

Contact the sportsbook software provider (Altenar) to discover must-have technologies, global content and access to one of the best sportsbook solutions on the market today! 

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