Altenar’s Sports Betting Support Throughout The Italian iGaming Market

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Wanting to know that your sportsbook is not only running smoothly but in line with local laws, with a system for risk management in place and a host of regulators and 24/7 support, operators in Italy know what they want and it’s a provider’s job to understand these must-have requests. 

In this, Altenar, one of the industry's best sportsbook software providers strictly aligns the wants of the operator and governing bodies to what they offer to clients, like the high-flying operators on the Italian sports betting market. Here, operators are able to access 24/7 support, risk management systems and regulator support from Altenar’s team of passionate professionals. 

As Altenar’s team often remarks,  ‘safer gaming is the best gaming’ and because of this, Italy’s sports betting industry has managed to thrive, because companies like Altenar are dedicated to ensuring a system of support for operators within the market. 

Though, what is it about Altenar’s risk management systems and 24/7 support that has garnered such trust throughout the Italian sports betting market? 

Let’s take a look…

Risk Management For The Italian Sports Betting Market

Risk management is important to Altenar, for Italy’s market, but the sports betting industry as a whole as it helps to keep operators and players at the precipice of iGaming infrastructure. 

With access to 24/7 support at Altenar, operators in the Italian market are at ease knowing their systems are safe for gamers, bettors and operators, and no corners have been cut to attain it.

With new water comes new challenges, and fortunately for many operators, Altenar has sailed the waves of the sports betting industry for many years by shaping, informing, creating, and safeguarding many traditional aspects, pioneering technologies, and understanding the human-aspect of an otherwise tech-savvy industry.

In line with this, Altenar's risk management platform has some amazing and exciting features that will better protect and lower risks for operators and bettors in the future.

  • Fully customisable risk management per user 
  • More options on overall limits setup
  • Development of a new limitation approach

Combating the rise of online scams and professional bettors is a never-ending and somewhat difficult challenge. Given Altenar's natural proclivity for innovative software and problem-solving, it's no surprise that experts are looking to the sportsbook provider for solutions to the growing demand for stronger security measures and Altenar are exceeding expectations in the process. 

If you’d like to learn more about what Altenar’s software can do for you and the provider’s long standing relationship with Italy, you can contact the sportsbook software provider today to discover how they can support you and your iGaming operations.

Discover Altenar today … discover your bespoke sportsbook solutions now. 

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