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Affiliate Marketing for Sports Betting Businesses - Full Guide | Altenar

Using diverse marketing techniques to propel your sports betting business is not only smart but continually growing in popularity amongst the top operators and providers in the world, converging sports betting and marketing into one place. So, Altenar a sportsbook software provider wants to shed light, in an all-encompassing guide, on how affiliate networks for gambling businesses and a sports betting platform affiliate network can aid the growth of your sports betting business. 

The question often remains, what is affiliate marketing? The answer: a 3 to 4 aspect system that brings networks, customers, businesses and brands together to promote a sports betting platform (in this instance). Bringing awareness and sales to a brand allows marketers to receive a small commission on success, and it seems that affiliate networks for iGaming businesses are not only flourishing but bringing high amounts of revenue with them.  

Increasing profits is the aim of the game and in doing so, creates a middle-man effect that expands on the pre-existing marketing tools harnessed by sports betting operators and curates this sports betting platform affiliate network that can pinpoint market trends to suggest greater visibility for your brand through the content and features you offer.

Accumulating in a three-step system: 

  • Affiliate marketer registers for a program or an operator seeks them out.
  • The marketer sends traffic to your sportsbook. 
  • Affiliate marketers get paid for the traffic that becomes customers.

So, this guide to affiliate marketing for sportsbook operators will lay out the foundation of what you need to know about Affiliate Networks for Gambling Businesses and Sports Betting platforms Affiliate Network… Without further ado, let’s take a look at what affiliate marketing means in the sports betting industry. 

Sports Betting Platform Affiliate Network Methods

There are a handful of affiliate marketing models to propel your sports betting platform affiliate network and it’s in outlining and understanding these that you can best discern which one suits you and your sportsbook business the best. 

In finding the perfect affiliate marketing technique you can often rest easy knowing the traffic being generated to your website through affiliate networks for gambling businesses, is not only directed to those who are likely to become customers but is tailored in many ways to what these types of customers are looking for in your product. 

There are four main methods as detailed in the list below: 

CPA For Affiliate Marketing In Sports Betting

This type of marketing refers to Cost Per Acquisition, meaning that sports betting platforms will pay their marketer once a bettor has made their first deposit on the operating site. In trying to acquire quality bettors and return players, some sportsbook providers often reserve the right not to pay the affiliate marketer should a bettor place one bet and then never return.

CPL For Affiliate Marketing In Sports Betting

Requiring a bettor to complete a set of predetermined actions, like form filling, product purchase and more, CPL or the Cost Per Lead method ensures that the affiliate marketer is leading a bettor to the site, but also ensures that this isn’t enough to register as a new customer. Unless an affiliate marketer receives high traffic, most marketers and operators will avoid this method. 

Revenue Share In Sports Betting With Affiliate Marketing

This long-term method, Revenue Share, means that the affiliate marketer will earn a commission against the net profits earned by the sports betting business from a referred bettor. Being one of the most preferred methods due to the high margins in profits, it often keeps marketers motivated to find quality bettors and traffic to your sports betting platform. 

Share & CPA Mixed For Sports Betting Affiliate Marketing

As a mix of Revenue Share and CPA methods, the affiliate marketer will receive a payment for each player that makes a deposit, however, if the marketer continues to bring deposit paying customers, the percentage of commission can rise through this method. 

In choosing the right method for your affiliate networks for gambling businesses and by extension the sports betting platform affiliate network that will surround and inform the amount of new revenue generated, it is important to look at how these types of methods are essentially achieved. 


Knowing the ins and outs of these methods will further inform your decisions and ultimately the success of your sports betting business and sports betting platform affiliate network.

Affiliate Networks For Gambling Businesses: The Winning Tools

The ways affiliate marketers target your audience and increase interaction will only add inordinate benefits to your affiliate networks for gambling businesses and have a proven track record of success. 

Marketing will skyrocket your sportsbook platform and below are a list of ways affiliate marketers bolster your sportsbook: 

Email Marketing

Becoming an affiliate marketer for a sportsbook programme, provider and website, many know the importance of email marketing is often a go-to form of advertisement harnessed by almost every company in the world because they know people often read through their emails.

Sometimes marketers are given links to promote, such as to websites or to key articles on sportsbooks to build the sports betting platform affiliate network and your overall revenue intake. 

The process often results in sportsbook businesses being able to track leads brought in by the affiliate marketer, who has often written sales scripts, adds hyperlinks to emails, notes all-important call-to-action, as well as, promoting services, brand awareness and offers.


Search Engine Optimisation is one of the top marketing tools used by affiliate networks for gambling businesses, as the need to rank number one on Google grows ever more intense, and the needs for organic search results and content uniqueness aren’t too far behind. 

This must-have tool is a sports betting platform affiliate network dream, and often improves a sports betting companies ranking and ensures they are discovered by the target audience.

Offers And Discounts

There aren’t many nations around the world that don’t love a good bargain, and this extends to the world of bettors and sports betting lovers. One way to garner returned interest from players is to offer coupons, discounts and the like, and this can often spur quality customers to your sports betting platform. 

Offers and discounts are often useful tools, especially if implemented and offered in the correct moments and are harnessed by affiliate networks for gambling businesses.


Having some well-worded, true-to-product reviews can only bolster your sportsbook platform and it’s this type of awareness that can draw bettors in by the truck-load, purely because reviews often shed light on user experience and content quality which is always what the bettor wants to know about. Generating more traffic to the website. 

Social Media

As more people log in to social media accounts and the wave of next-generation gamers begin to love sports betting and fantasy league betting, social media can offer your sports betting platform affiliate network a plethora of benefits. From being able to attract those seeking entertainment to being able to market your sportsbook content to the correct target audience, social media is a must-have tool for any affiliate networks for gambling businesses as it can drive and generate brand awareness.

Website Content

It all starts from home, and to bolster your sports betting platform affiliate network creating content destined for your sportsbook platform website has a history of success through content like blogs, top tips, strategies and more to offer bettors a closer look at the industry they love, better ways to play games and being able to consume any company news and operators might have. 

Website content is a great way to share information, products and services where you, the operator, get to control the message and branding entirely. 

Youtube Videos

Youtube has offered companies many useful marketing tools and this can be achieved through ads on some of the most-watched and popular channels in the sports betting industry, this can often draw traffic to your website. For this reason, a sports betting platform affiliate network can benefit greatly from this type of marketing. 

Though, what are the benefits of affiliate marketing from using the above methods of interaction and traffic increase? 

Let’s take a look… 

Benefits Of Affiliate Networks For Gambling Businesses

The benefits of sports betting platform affiliate networks far outweigh the risks of this type of marketing. In a world where adverts adorn the sides of skyscrapers and needing a social media presence isn’t only a matter of popularity but a necessity, and as countless media cowboys are looking for a quick buck that rarely offers the results you’ve paid them for you need to know you're getting what you're paying for.

It’s in the process of affiliate marketing that offers a minimum risk and exposure boosting opportunity that many sportsbook operators use to grow their audiences. 

Though, what are some of the top benefits most notable of using affiliate networks for gambling businesses? 

The list below outlines the benefits you can expect:

Targets Audiences Better

Having a clear understanding of the sports betting industry and target audiences, affiliate marketers are aptly equipped to promote your business effectively. 

Return On Investment

With a whopping 80% of brands using affiliate marketing in the sports betting industry, to enhance awareness, reach, conversion and sales… In using affiliate marketing businesses only pay for the leads that turn into deposits and so offer a great return on investment.

Minimum Risk

No need for big budgets with affiliate markets as you'll only pay for performance. Creating customers that don’t need to be nurturing and help to keep operators well-within budget as a result.

Boosts Exposure

With affiliate marketing, the size of your operations doesn’t matter, as the aim is to generate the greatest exposure and brand awareness for your sports betting business. Helping your company to become more relevant and in turn, pool a larger group of audiences. 

Access To International Markets

As a globally loved pastime, sports betting can draw bettors from around the world to your site and enhance your sports betting platform affiliate network. Using this affiliate network to build brand awareness overseas. As a proven way to appeal to global audiences, it’s cost-effective and can place marketers on whether they’re best suited to the market and what appeals to the local audience.

From this, what examples of sports betting platform affiliate networks and their programmes can be found today, that have proven success stories and offer deeper insight into affiliate networks for gambling businesses

Affiliate Networks for Gambling Businesses And Sports Betting Platform Owners

Finding the right Affiliate Networks for Gambling Businesses can be difficult, however, Altenar the sportsbook software provider has compiled a small list of a few companies out there that could help your Sports Betting Platform Affiliate Network. 

The list below details some of the must-know information on CPA Kitchen, EVADAV, MyLead and Adwork Media: 

CPA Kitchen

Being one of the more prominent affiliate marketing networks for the iGaming and sports betting industry, CPA Kitchen, equips you with detailed market reports, Ad rotators, smart tools and bespoke tracking systems. If the affiliate marketer should generate a bettor and customer for your company they’ll receive a 3% commission. 

Offering CPA, CPL and Revenue Share methods.


Internationally recognised as a top affiliate marketer, EVADAV supports customers 24/7, boosts earnings through referral systems and uses the Revenue Share method that pays stably every week. 

Providing 100% visibility, targeted audience, brand and fraud safety. 


Providing 1000 partner programs, 24/7 customer support and diverse tools for webmasters, MyLead is renowned for its work in affiliate marketing. With over 1690 programs and boasting 112000 publishers around the world, many operators love MyLeads service and dedication to the sports betting industry. 

Adwork Media

Working across CPL, CPA and CPS Adwork Media boast surveys, subscriptions and gambling information with minimum payouts of $35, all the while supporting a host of payment methods like PayPal. As a method and mode heavy company, Adwork Media are well-known for its success stories.

If you’re looking for more information on anything mentioned in this guide, Affiliate Marketing for Sports Betting Businesses, you should contact Altenar the sports betting software provider to discover the wonders of the sports betting world, affiliate marketing tools and ways to improve your sportsbook platform. 

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