Altenar’s Mobile Application | The Ins & Outs of Native Technology And Increased Time-To-Market Speed

Altenar’s Mobile Application | The Ins & Outs of Native Technology And Increased Time-To-Market Speed

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Betting on the go is a must in this day and age, as growing accessibility to smartphones and everything that comes along with them blossoms daily. As a mobile-first sportsbook software provider, Altenar has created its native mobile application which removes the latency of browser betting and improves a host of iGaming benefits like time-to-market speed. 

Altenar has created an in-house mobile application, locally labelled (MOA), that’s available for IOS and Android. The relevance of moving from browser betting to a mobile application allows operators and players greater safety, a faster experience, is lighter to run on devices and makes placing a bet easier for players. 

Without the need for a device-to-device front-end alteration, the sportsbook runs smoothly and swiftly in the mobile application, which allows operators to create a mobile application directly from the provider of the sportsbook and the provider of their choice. On top of having access to top and official data providers, content and technologies.

Solving Cross-Platform Development For Operators

Altenar’s MOA is designed to solve two tasks: Firstly, to ensure the operation of the SB solution on a mobile device. Secondly, to integrate with the platforms of its operating partners. 

With particular interest and design through Flutter, Altenar’s MOA is capable of and benefits from the following:  The same business logic & user experience across all platforms, increased time-to-market speed, own rendering engine, simple platform-specific logic implementation, suitable for any target platform and faster code development and product production.

You can discover more about Altenar, mobile applications for sportsbooks and how Altenar’s award-winning client-centric services are the right ones for you, by contacting the team today!

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