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Altenarian’s Comment On The Convergence Of Entertainment & Betting & The Popularity Of Fantasy Leagues And Esports | Altenar

It’s time for another employee article, where Altenarian’s contemplate the hot questions around sports betting, technology and sometimes the fictional dalliances where the twain meet.

In this edition of the employee questionnaire, a look through the sportsbook-looking-glass offers you an insight into how entertainment and betting converge into a mega-media fun-loving vertical that has witnessed inordinate growth and continued international success stories. 

As a sportsbook software provider, Altenar looks for new and innovative ways to perceive the betting industry at large, and part of this is hearing the vast and well-informed opinions of its employees who are deep within the industry.

Taking opinions from those in the 1’s and 0’s, those taking Altenar’s product around the world and the essential minds of Altenar’s product and services, it became clear that the convergence of entertainment and sports betting and the increasing popularity of Esports and Fantasy Leagues. 

What entertainment value do you currently believe exists within sports betting?

“The main value that exists is the joy of the game as long as it does not exceed certain limits.” - Vagelis Mourelatos

“You spend your time and simultaneously you have the possibility to earn some money.” - Panagiotis Dostis

“Adrenaline.” - George Drivakos

“Yep if it feels natural then definitely. If it's fun and can be played with friends then there are lots of opportunities. (for entertainment)” - Darren Willenberg

“The value, currently, is great and as time passes by it will become even greater.”  - Stergios Delimitas

What are the advantages of converging betting & entertainment?

“I suppose it's a natural thing to be able to make a few bets.” - Darren Willenberg

“The biggest advantage for me is that you can play from any place you are.” - Vagelis Mourelatos

“Converging betting & entertainment provides an ethical advantage from an industry perspective. From a user perspective, entertainment should always be the reason to bet.” - Manos Mytilinaios

“Overall it is an enjoyable experience that allows the users to combine their love for the teams and sports they like with the hope of winning some money.” - Charis Zevgadellis

Do you believe more people will take up betting now they can bet on fantasy leagues/ virtuals?

“Yes, fantasy leagues provide more user engagement.” - Darren Willenberg

“Yes I believe this number will increase potentially.” - Stergios Delimitas

“I think most will continue to bet on real events”. - Vagelis Mourelatos

“Yes.” - Manos Mytilinaios

“Of course, but real events will always be a priority for the users.” - Charis Zevgadellis

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