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Why Are The World Cup Favourites Losing? The Unpredictability Of A Winter World Cup!

As the thrill of the game has swept nations once again, the 2022 World Cup is in full effect, though, it appears not without daily mini-crisis, the underdogs and the forgot-abouts stacking points, and it appears that the topsy-turvy events of this year’s World Cup have sparked the interest of the Sports Betting Industry who are witnessing something familiar in uncharted territory. 

With a World Cup filled with controversy, the spirit of Soccer/Football remains intact, though teams who have previously demonstrated a poor history in tournaments like the World Cup, Euro Qualifiers and more are taking home the goals in this year’s World Cup. 

With previously “successful” teams being shaken up by the turn of events, a hotter-than-normal playing environment and much more, the likes of England, Spain, Portugal, France, Brazil, and Germany (to mention a few) are not experiencing their previously hard-earned wins in this year’s tournament. 

So, can once-upon-a-time favourites return to their previous glory in the 2022 World Cup, or is this year the year of the underdogs? 

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