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Understanding Altenar’s UX With Insights From Its Head of UX Design

You are likely aware of the work from Altenar’s globally accessed and designed-for UX that has now become the staple user interface for Altenar’s Sportsbook partners, with the release of its new robust frontend constructed from widgets it seemed apt to interview the Head of UX Design on his role within Altenar, his experience that has helped to inform the new front-end iteration and of course, all things UX and Altenar. 

He explained his previous work throughout the Fintech world and how this prepared him well for the betting sphere… 

What is special about Altenar's UX?

 "I think that mostly the system approach is special, we are trying, and I think have achieved in building a very special and mathematically correct design-system - it is a synergy of user experience and the back-end technology."

How does it draw bettors to participate in the betting experience?

“Yes, it draws a great part of players to bet, especially the end users from those new to betting and seasoned bettors - as we’ve greatly implemented this idea of entertainment. On one hand we have to be clean and precise and clear for those who are new to the space and we should be very sharp and correct for those who have greater experience. We can manage this well.” 

What brought you to the somewhat obscure world of UX for sports betting?

“Previously I was involved in finance and that’s not like Altenar of course, but actually if you think a little bit on it, betting is also kind of a fintech area with the addition of, well, a little more fun. My experience was based around big data and a lot of numbers on the screen and so my skills melded with Altenar’s needs. For some markets we have a very data dense interface and we have to handle this.” 

How do you know what the end user will want in an interface?

“We of course have feedback from end users or clients, by documenting what they like and don’t like, some common trends within the sphere, and those who play more become acquainted with your design and their dislikes/likes of it, which helps us to refine the tools used. We also have a plethora of metrics and statistics for how long bettors stay on a segment of our Sportsbook which helps to understand the satisfaction levels they feel when interacting with our new widget system for instance.” 

What would you like to add about Altenar's UX and its success?

“We standout for sure, we’re already using widgets instead of one solid front end which is a huge relief for us as well as increased data management has improved a lot in the way of making different skins for our customers.”

“Both speed and the ability to customise parts of the interface for customers has become increasingly valuable especially for our operators. Now we still have the same system and the same code base though it can be different for every operator depending on their needs.”

You can discover more about Altenar’s UX by requesting a demo or booking a meeting with one of our talented and experienced team members! 

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