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4 Points To Consider To Achieve The Perfect UX For Players | Altenar

Building the perfect and adaptable sportsbook is, ultimately, a creative process and Altenar, a sports betting software provider, inherently understands this creativity, has won awards in it and has become a globally recognised provider as a result. 

A lot of ingredients and ideas go into creating a beloved sportsbook, and one of those is UX (user experience). 

So, let’s take a look at 4 points to consider to achieve the perfect UX for players ... 

1. Experimentation & Innovation 

When it comes to design and UX, the sky's the limit, and when it comes to the increasingly smart and entertainment-driven bettor, taking your sportsbook design to new heights is a must. 

This can be achieved through the likes of Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, that has worked across various betting landscapes with a host of operator needs. 

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2. Inspiration outside of the industry

UX exists in many forms around the world and in different industries where bold and big ideas are implemented every day. More often than not, themes, colours, animation styles and more can be adapted to any industry and especially sports betting which offers space and landscape for big thinkers, creators and more. 

In monitoring tech and design trends, operators like yourself can stay ahead of the curve and beyond trends, by creating a recognisable and brandable style for your sportsbook. 

3. Stats, stats, and more stats

As an information-based industry, the world of sports betting and bettors can often like or dislike stats-heavy UX, though, getting to know your audience can help operators land in a happy medium. 

Stats can often give players the illusion of a more-informed bet and adds to the excitement and entertainment of the betting experience, this type of player psychology is discussed on Altenar’s blog. 

For greater insight into how UX can create the perfect betting experience for your players, you should contact Altenar, the sports betting software provider, to discover more or to start your sportsbook journey. 

4. Know your audience

Getting to know your audience, players and bettors might seem like an obvious step, but for this reason, many operators might overlook that your UX needs to be designed to your players' likes and tastes to ensure they interact positively with your sports betting content. 

To create measurable and meaningful experiences an operator should know who they want to attract to their sites and create accordingly, it’s no different to offering specific sports, leagues and events that you know will resonate with your players.

Finding the right UX team can be a hassle, one that can be removed by hiring the award-winning Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, that will help to create your perfect sports betting experience that’s also visually appealing to your target audience players.

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