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Altenar's Sportsbook Features Achieved Through Machine Learning

Altenar, a Sportsbook software provider, is exploring how the applications of Machine Learning algorithms can benefit its operators and their players. The team behind the award-winning Sportsbook solutions have mapped out and begun to implement algorithms that can inform and help abnormal market detection and bet slip recommendations (to name a couple). Some of the algorithms being applied include Isolation Forest, Unsupervised Clustering, Collaborative Filtering and Deep learning autoencoders.

What else can Altenar’s use of ML achieve and how is it seen in Altenar’s Sportsbook solutions? Take a look below to find out more… x

ML Features Roadmap for 2023

In 2023, we aim to augment the SB Back office through abnormality detection and risk profiling while simultaneously enhancing player experience. Below are some of the planned features:

  • Abnormal Market Detection (Back Office)
  • Player Segmentation and risk profiling  (Player Behaviour/ Back Office) 
  • Bet Slip Recommendations (Player Experience)
  • Bet Mentor / Bet Suggestion  (Player Experience)

You can discover more about ML, Sportsbooks and Altenar by contacting the team today or requesting a demo!

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