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How Altenar’s 24/7 Risk Management Is A Must-Have For The Mexican Market | Altenar & You

The topic of risk management is a must-have for the Mexican market and allows operators within the sports betting industry to rest assured that their business is being taken care of from every possible angle. 

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, will be attending Mexico's iGaming events, well-equipped with globally recognised 24/7 risk management services. You can book a meeting with Altenar’s team, to ensure a meeting with the award-winning LatAm provider, by visiting

So, what does Altenar’s risk management service provide for its operators? Let’s take a look… 

  • Reaction to market changes and challenges
  • Reliability of service
  • Business growth 
  • Fully customisable risk management per user 
  • More options on overall limits setup
  • Development of a new limitation approach

Altenar’s Regional Director Americas, Hugo Llanos, speaking on the sportsbook provider’s customer support, risk management and limits said the following: 

“I believe our customer support is one of the best ones available. We are very flexible, again, we do see our customers as partners and we help them grow and achieve their goals. If they need something we do not provide, we will try to develop a special solution and make sure we work together for a common goal. We also have an approach to risk management and limits that have proven to increase turnover and profitability in the long term.”

With a human-first approach to its technology, Altenar is a key contender for sportsbook providers in Mexico and with a long-standing relationship in the betting industry operators will have access to one of the best sports betting solutions on the market. 

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