Altenar CEO Looks At The Growing Potential Of The North American iGaming Market Amid iGaming Next New York Video Interview

Altenar CEO Looks At The Growing Potential Of The North American iGaming Market Amid iGaming Next New York Video Interview

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Through the hustle and bustle of city life, Altenar’s CEO Stanislav Silin and Altenar’s team flew to Manhattan, New York. Taking part in the iGaming Next New York 2022 event that stood as an exploratory event for Altenar’s founder and team where the world of North America’s iGaming world opened up, and new business opportunities, partnerships and general insight into the growing regulated market. 

You can picture it, a typical Manhattan day, skyscrapers reaching for the sky, the sound of cars, chatter and the hum of city life enriching the scene, while Stanislav stands in Central Park being interviewed for a YouTube video, on his thoughts, ambitions and hopes for Altenar and the North American sports betting market. 

Stanislav explained through the course of the interview, which can be found on Altenar’s YouTube channel, that the iGaming Next event was a tremendous opportunity to learn from current success stories, individuals who built market powerhouses and the innovative aspects of the North American market. 

As the event continued it became clear that Altenar’s product and services could be of great value to the North American iGaming market, especially as it brings with it a wealth of industry knowledge, experience and time in heavily restricted markets much akin to North America: Italy, Spain and Sweden. 

With the knowledge that Altenar could create and adapt for the North American market, Co-Founder and CEO, Stanislav, decided to cast a thought on the future and what Altenar can bring to operators in this market that will set them apart from other sportsbooks. 

The A Team: America, Altenar, Agility

 Impressed and inspired by the current North American iGaming market and having spotted a niche requirement for Altenar’s flexible and stable product, Stanislav continued to muse on the potential of the market and what Altenar can add to this. 

Altenar is currently at a size, as an organisation, to bring something unique to the sports betting market in North America, as they’re not only well-equipped for the growing and inordinate demand on the market but offers a process and foundation of agility that can move with content trends, changing laws and software innovations. It’s in this agile nature that Stanislav sees opportunities to create something interesting and innovative in UX and products with operators in the North American market. 

With new features being released and a forward-thinking mobile-first approach, Altenar’s software can develop and adapt to the market scope, all the while, housing some must-have qualities like an always-improving risk management system, a plethora of content, 24/7 client support and more, all of which can be discovered by contacting Altenar’s passionate team today. 

For Altenar, and co-found Stanislav, the aims of attending iGaming Next were to begin to plant the seed that Altenar is a sportsbook software provider that can compete with the top-end, tier-one providers currently operating in the North American regulated market. Just as many seeds had been planted by Altenar and grew into flourishing, thriving and successful businesses throughout Europe, the UK, the MEA and more, Altenar is ready for the unique space of the North American market. 

Want to discover more about Altenar’s innovative and reliable sportsbook? Contact the team today!

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