Women, Sports Betting & Entertainment | Asking Altenar

Women, Sports Betting & Entertainment | Asking Altenar

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Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, is looking deeper into how women experience the world of sports betting, and how operators can bolster their content for the increasing demand of women bettors. 

Intending to mitigate gender bias, providers like Altenar aim to promote the entertainment value of sports betting, alongside the long-standing knowledge of the potential for monetary gain to anyone who is interested in the industry/betting sphere.

As women often value sports betting, casino and overall gambling as a social experience, women bettors are more likely to participate in regular betting much akin to watching Netflix, meeting friends for brunch, go-karting and the like. 

It’s this entertainment value that can increase the skill of betting for your players, who begin to see the betting world as entertainment and not as high-risk wagers, and as a result, more women are participating in sports betting. 

Along with this, more women come into the industry of sports betting as well to answer the call of demand. 

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, posed two questions to its employees about women and sports betting, and here were some of the responses… 

As a woman in the sports betting industry, and at large, the iGaming world, how do you feel the landscape is inclusive and supportive of you as a woman and your overall career aims? 

George Drivakos replied with vigour and sentiment, “Increasing needs of the industry demands more and more women of power and push in order to tackle the increasing difficulties/demands that come up in the industry. Fr om managerial roles or fr om specialised educated personnel for several positions (from Information technology positions to Financial ones) the industry couldn't move on without women being a part of it. Don't forget that Denise Coates, Co-CEO of Bet365, owns one of the world's largest online gambling companies, and stands as iconic women within the industry and inspiration to others who are looking to enter the space.” 

Charitini Kamatsou simply but poignantly noted, “I feel it is quite inclusive”, and this sentiment echoes throughout the sports betting industry and can be seen from expos to events, wh ere women bring innovation, technique, education, skill and conversation to the sports betting industry. 

The HR Director personalised her response to her experience in the sports betting industry through her role with Altenar, wh ere she explained, “I believe that in our company we do not have any differences and support everybody.”

Why do you believe the industry is seeing a rise in female bettors? 

The second question focused on the increase in female bettors and the Altenarians had this to say … 

George Drivakos continued his response saying he believed this rise was due to “difficulties of modern times (covid, poverty etc) in combination with the modern methods of marketing/internet, wouldn't leave the Industry without taking advantage of it , as it always wants to increase its profit and women as a target group continues to be a big piece from the possible pie.” 

The HR Director simply stated “The industry is growing”, and as the entertainment level rises with new content, new features and innovative technologies it’s no wonder the sports betting industry is finding new and emerging players. 

An inclusive nature is the width and breadth of the sports betting industryand as the increase in demand climbs, so does the search for passionate professionals and driven individuals, inclusive of gender.

Bringing Women Bettors To Your Content


You can help to bring more women bettors to your website, and the industry by investing in women, new technologies, new additions to your already active iGaming platform, like sportsbook, and by offering a wide range of features, types of bets, and brilliant UX. 

You can begin this journey by choosing the right sportsbook software provider who allows you to harness industry know-how, award-winning software and flexible-centric sportsbook solutions, like Altenar. 

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