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Why Virtual Football League Prediction Software Is A Potentially False & Inaccurate System | Altenar & You

As a sportsbook software provider, Altenar has ample experience in the world of sports betting and has garnered, earned and triumphed in the industry for many years. As a result, the sports betting solutions provider understands that some players, both new and seasoned, are interested in finding a way to ensure a win. 

This can often be especially true in some of the largest sports events in the world like football. Though, how accurate can football league prediction software truly be, when the essence of betting, gaming and sports are overall games of chance, even when skill is involved. 

Football league prediction software attempts to predict the outcomes of football/soccer matches by comparing, analysing and sorting through a host of factors from games: player form, performance and stats. The aim is to provide a surefire way to predict the winner of the game and promote a competitive edge in fantasy sports leagues. 

However, the reliability and accuracy of this software are questionable and could potentially, as a byproduct, remove or negate the essence of betting, gambling, gaming and more … the essence of chance! 

What else can virtual football league prediction software cost the player, bettor and overall, the entertainment value of the sport? 

Let’s take a look … 

  • Lack of accuracy
  • Overreliance
  • Cost
  • Unclear methodology
  • Bias

Additionally, there could be benefits to virtual football/soccer league prediction software and here’s a snapshot of those potential benefits … 

  • Convenience.
  • Data analysis.
  • Expert analysis.
  • Time-saving.
  • Enhanced betting strategy.

Though these may be benefits, it should be considered that these systems could be used in conjunction with a player's own skill and betting ability, however, they are not reliable regardless of the testimonials, reviews and the like. As there are no certainties in chance. 

Being able to impact the outcome of games of chance, could seem to offer an advantage to some bettors and players, however, no prediction software can guarantee accurate results no matter how much data or statistics it has built its predictions out of.

 With a host of unpredictable factors in any given game of chance, many players are better positioned to enjoy the excitement and unpredictable nature of betting to increase the overall experience.  

A player who relies on their own decision improves their decision-making over time, as opposed to relying on machine models and technology systems to predict who will win and who will lose. 

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