What Can Operators Expect From Altenar In The Netherlands’ Sports Betting Market?

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Altenar, a sportsbook software provider has recently entered The Netherlands’ iGaming landscape, given the 2021 regulation that was put into place by the governing bodies of the country. 

With a host of expertise in other highly-regulated markets and holding a string of global certificates, licences and regulatory must-haves, Altenar has positioned itself as a go-to provider for Operators  willing to set-up-shop in The Netherlands.

So, here is an overview of how Altenar is the best sportsbook software provider for you: 

What Devices Is Altenar’s Platform Available On In The Netherlands?

Altenar boasts a modern UX design that has been built with the use and implementation of widget technology to offer a smoother and faster user experience.

This design offers your players a unified experience, offers operators a seamless integration with their portals and access to a global application delivery network for increased speeds.

Altenar’s sportsbook software is available on the below devices in The Netherlands:

  • Desktop

  • Mobile 

  • Tablet 

Sportsbook Solution Offered To The Netherlands’ iGaming Market

Altenar offers a host of services and features to its operators:

  • 24/7 trading and risk management

  • Player profiling

  • Holds the ISO27001 UKAS-Certification

  • Robust technology

  • Agile development and deployment

  • Low-latency, efficient end-user experiences all delivered using intelligent internal caching and geographical data distribution 

  • A high-degree of customisation across multiple channels through API-based services

  • High-availability and scale-out right across the stack

A Brief Overview Of The Netherlands’ Sports Betting Market

In the 21st century, the gambling market in the Netherlands has undergone a significant transformation. The government changed the legislation, making it more open for private companies to operate. The Dutch gambling market is now open for foreign operators and the number of online gambling providers has increased.

The Dutch government has also introduced measures to promote responsible gambling and prevent problem gambling.

In conclusion, The history of betting in the Netherlands is a story of gradual liberalisation and diversification, driven by changes in government policy and societal attitudes towards gambling. Today, gambling is a well-regulated and legal activity in the Netherlands, with a variety of options available to Dutch citizens.

Need To Know Regulatory Information On Entering The Netherland’s iGaming Market | Altenar As A Regulated Provider

Online gambling had previously been prohibited in the Netherlands, but the passage and subsequent enactment of the delayed Remote Gambling Act (KOA) meant the market was finally able to launch.

The KOA was eventually enacted on 1 April 2021, allowing the market to open six months later on 1 October of the same year.

The Regulation further specifies the directives set out in the Decree and will govern the following:

  • Remote gambling licensing and operations.

  • The organisation of remote gambling: which includes the licensee’s integrity policy, access to remote gambling and management of gambling credits, consumer protection, the gambling system and the inspection of the gambling system; and

  • Compliance supervision and enforcement: which includes recording and reporting requirements and a datasafe (control database) for monitoring purposes.

The amended BGA ( Betting and Gambling Act ) is not introducing a licensing system for B2B service providers. Service providers such as software suppliers and affiliates are, in principle, free to provide out services to locally licensed remote gambling operators. That said, B2C operators will be subject to extensive requirements regarding outsourcing which means that we need to get certified for providing our sportsbook in the Netherlands.

 Furthermore, licence holders will remain responsible for advertising activities performed by affiliates.

A Keen Eye For Match Fixing | Upholding Integrity and Anti-Corruption Within Sports Betting With Altenar & IBIA

Altenar values and understands the importance of integrity and the strive for anti-corruption within betting, and along with this comes the match fixing. 

Altenar during 2022 became an official IBIA (The International Betting Integrity Association) member which not only promotes anti-corruption with sports betting but is often a standout feature for operators looking for a new sportsbook solutions provider within The Netherlands.

You can discover more about this partnership here.

The Gaming Authority within The Netherlands checks whether licensed providers are doing enough to prevent match fixing or money laundering.

Altenar supervises licence holders by, for example, examining whether they:

  • have made an inventory of the risks of money laundering and match fixing, as they can occur in their own organisation.

  • conduct customer due diligence on each player : who is the player, which transactions does the player carry out and where does the player's money come from.

  • monitor and report the player's transactions to FIU Netherlands if these are 'unusual' - because they give rise to a suspicion of match fixing or money laundering.

Every 2 months the regulator consults with the DNB, AFM, BFT, BTWwft, NOvA, FIU, JenV and MinFin about the supervision of the Wwft.

You can discover more about Altenar, its technologies and how to enter The Netherlands’ betting market by contacting the award-winning team today!
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