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Looking to enter the iGaming industry and want to get the inside scoop on all things sportsbook and sports betting? Let’s take a delve into the must-have features for sportsbook operators fr om the eyes of Altenar, a globally recognised, award-winning sportsbook solutions provider! 

Want some more information beyond the words on this page? Contact Altenar today to speak to one of their sports betting experts. 

Mobile Compatibility | Faster Development For Sportsbook Operators 

As a mobile-first sportsbook software provider, Altenar has created its native mobile application, which has been approved for IOS and Android, removing the latency of browser betting and improving a host of iGaming benefits like time-to-market speed for global operators hoping to begin operations immediately. 

Moving from, or adding to, browser betting with a mobile application allows operators and players greater safety, a faster experience, is lighter to run on devices and makes placing a bet easier for players. Without the need for device-to-device front-end alterations, Altenar’s sportsbook runs smoothly and swiftly in the mobile app.

Altenar’s mobile app has become a firm favourite amongst their global operators and this technology could drastically benefit your sportsbook business as a must-have feature.

Offering your players the following… 

  • The same business logic & user experience across all platforms 

  • Increased time-to-market speed

  • Own rendering engine 

  • Simple platform-specific logic implementation 

  • Suitable for any target platform 

  • Faster code development and product production 

If you’d like to learn more about Altenar’s mobile app and how it can benefit your business contact the award-winning team today! 

User-Friendly Interface | Bringing Customistion To New Heights 

Altenar, a leading supplier of sportsbook software, has amassed a tremendous amount of market, player, and technological expertise and as a result, it has contributed to the advancement of features and solutions throughout the iGaming industry resulting in happy operators and players. 

Using widget technology in its front-end interface, Altenar has offered its operators abundance when it comes to personalisation, while ensuring increased levels of reliability and automation increasing a players overall sports betting experience.

How will you benefit from widget technology?

  • Content Widgets allow operators to embed Altenar’s sports content in a variety of positions to better suit their players’ needs.

  • Altenar’s content widgets allow operators to replace sportsbook components with custom widgets that are managed from the operator's side. This increases tremendously, the front-end customisation and flexibility per individual brand requirements. 

  • Content widgets create a more immersive betting experience for customers by displaying stats, a scoreboard, animations and popular bets, creating a greater interface.  

  • Altenar’s Content Widgets aim to create a new FE framework based on the widgets architecture while improving the UX.

Want to discover more about Altenar’s user-friendly and player-centric technologies? Contact the global sports betting provider today to begin your sportsbook journey the right way! 

Live Betting & Live Streaming | Increasing Accessibility For Your Players 

Understanding the inherent entertainment value of live betting, Altenar knows that when an operator adds live betting and live streaming to its sports betting offering they have higher chances of retaining players and acquiring new ones. 

With this in mind how will players benefit from such types of betting and streaming when coming to your business? 

  • Your players have better access to data

  • Increased entertainment value, which is drawing new and next-gen players to the betting landscape

  • Live betting can promote social experiences for bettors, increasing the ‘fun factor’, both in male and female players. 

  • Your players might not be able to watch the game but can participate in their favourite sports via your sportsbook

  • Live betting is more accessible as it doesn’t require as much bettor knowledge as other verticals

  • Advanced technologies with minimal latency, reduced and unnoticeable ‘down times’

Contact Altenar today to learn more about its live betting and streaming experience, to truly understand the high-value experience your players will receive. 

Competitive Odds | Bringing Your Players What They Want 

As a sportsbook solutions provider, Altenar understands the inherent value of ensuring you can offer competitive odds in always growing and always competitive market spaces. This ensures that your players know they’re offered a chance of winning in their chosen games of chance!

Altenar offers a wider range of odds for your players to take advantage of, and if you’d more information on this then contact Altenar today!

Wide Range Of Sports & Events  | Ensuring The Best-Of-The-Best For Betting Operators 

Altenar offers a host of content and features to its operators and their players, landing Altenar into the world of sports betting with splash and securing its position as a global leader when it comes to sportsbook technologies and entertainment. 

You’ll have access to the below features and tools… 

  • Early payout

  • Cashout

  • Player props 

  • Bonus engine

  • 0% Margin

  • Bore Draw

  • Player Specials

  • Premium cricket

  • Bet builder

Being able to offer official data, Altenar has quickly become one of the go-to sportsbook providers in the industry, especially for operators looking for operational and business transparency.

As an operator you’ll benefit from quick-to-market data, multiple official feeds, and exclusivity ensuring  that you receive the best of the best, from technology to content and data. With a lack of reliance on single feeds Altenar offers its partners something different. 

Bonuses and Promotions | Standing Out On A Highly Competitive Sportsbook Landscape 

Of course, sports betting operators, bookies and bookmakers need to offer a host of competitive and customisable features, bonuses, promotion and more to ensure that players and bettors are receiving the best possible experience in a highly competitive market space. 

Here is a brief overview of some ways that your sportsbook could offer  new and existing players and bettors the opportunity to get a bang-for-their-buck when choosing your sportsbook!

  • Welcome bonus: This is a type of bonus that is offered to new customers when they sign up for an account. This is just one of many bonuses you can offer to new players.

  • Free bet: Offering this type of bet can be a great incentive to entice players to your content. The free bet can be used to place a wager on a specific event or market, and the winnings are credited to the bettor's account.

  • Enhanced odds: Offering higher odds than usual on a specific event or market for a limited amount of time.

  • Reload bonus: Often offered to existing players and bettors, you can enhance player retention rates with this type of bonus.  It typically involves a deposit match, wh ere the bookmaker matches a percentage of the customer's deposit, up to a certain amount.

  • Loyalty program: Rewarding customers for their continued loyalty to the bookmaker. Customers can earn points for placing bets and then these points can be redeemed in a host of fun and exciting ways for the players. 

  • Refer-a-friend bonus: With this bonus your players are able to profit from bringing a friend to your iGaming and sports betting website or app. 

Security and Privacy | Institution Security Frameworks To Mitigate Risk

With Altenar your privacy and security is of the utmost importance to the sports betting solutions provider and for this reason, it’s a multi-jurisdictional licence and certification holder, most notable MGA, UKGC, ISO 27001, AGCO and many more. 

On top of this Altenar uses security heavy technologies and services such  as Google Cloud platform infrastructures to help you benefit from the below… 

  • Scalability

  • Security

  • Global footprint: As a global infrastructure, with multiple data centres and regions, Altenar can localise its solutions and servers to better suit geographical needs and per-country regulatory requirements. 

  • Integration with other Google services: Google Drive, Gmail, Google Maps, etc. 

As well as, instituting information security, compliance and legal teams to ensure the safety of information and data.

Contact Altenar today to discover more about its security measures and technologies! 

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