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Top Gaming Licences

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The use and organization of games require a general license for the type of game to be organized, commercialized, and operated, whether it be ‘Gambling’, ‘Competition’, or other games. Likewise, and in conjunction with a general license, a single license is required corresponding to the type of gambling that the gambling operator intends to organize, commercialize or use. 

Game license requirements

The licensing procedure, which generally does not limit the number of licenses that can be granted, aims to verify that applicants comply with the requirements established by applicable regulations and specifications. in particular, the requirements of a legal, economic and financial nature, security, and reliability of software, security of operations and transactions related to the development of gambling activities, a policy of responsible gambling and protection of minors, as well as the fight against fraud and money laundering, following the spirit of the licensing model stipulated by the law.

The online casino market today includes over 10,000 different platforms around the world. This means that players have the freedom to choose a gaming site, but that choice is imperative.

What is an online casino license? What are they for?

The biggest fear of gamers is registering at a dishonest casino. A casino that is not going to pay the winnings. Not to be mistaken, there is a simple solution: the license that beautifies the online casino. After all, under the license, you can find out the reliability of the casino. There are several licenses in the world, the most stringent, as well as others, weaker concerning casinos. A license, also called a certificate, is issued by a government agency that enforces certain rules that must be followed to avoid any disputes with players, as a license can be obtained provided that the casino strictly complies with the standards set by the organization. Also, there is a licensing agreement or international licensing, hence the interest in checking what is relevant to the casino. The licenses do not coincide between them, each has its criteria.

Be careful with licenses! Here are the main online gambling licenses that are most commonly found in online casinos. However, a license is not always a guarantee of sanctity — casino customer service is even more important because the return of your winnings and the distribution of bonuses will depend on it.

  1. Antigua

This West Indian license has proven itself in the electronic gaming sector, even if it still has conflicts with, for example, the World Trade Organization. Fr om now on, every operator calling it must subscribe to the Offshore Game Development request. If this request is approved, the conditions will be as follows: payment of 70,000 dollars with an annual tax of 3%.

       2. Curacao

This is one of the oldest licenses. It is a territory wh ere online gambling licenses have been issued since 1996, thanks to a regulation introduced in 1993 by the government of the Netherlands. The Curacao Internet Games Licensing Authority under the Curacao Ministry of Justice is in charge of issuing licenses.

But why is it so attractive? Because in addition to keeping records of the audits and financial transactions of each player, which allows it to offer security guarantees to the user, the Internet Games Licensing Authority offers many services to operators. For example, it manages games over the Internet, offers to host to bookmakers, and even offers IT infrastructure when needed.

They offer one of the most beneficial taxes on the market with a 2% net profit. Admission takes place in two stages: first, the operator must apply for admission to the Curacao Internet Gaming Association, followed by a thorough investigation. If accepted, the license requires each operator to contribute 35,000 dollars, followed by monthly installments of 5,500 over 2 years. Keep in mind that online gambling and betting licenses are big business for the country and the government is responsible for facilitating bookmaker access and licensing here. After all, there is competition here too. 

The big disadvantage of this license is that it does not participate in disputes between casinos and players. In other words, casinos are practically autonomous in their politics.

     3. Kahnawake

An Indian game reserve located in Canada offers an online casino license. But for some time, the latter has been questioned. Because he can license any site, not just the best casinos. In addition, when a license is granted to an online casino, it requires a tax of 5,000 dollars, then another 15,000 dollars, and finally 10,000 dollars for annual renewal. In addition, this is it who manages conflicts/disputes.

There are four types of licenses in Kahnawake, although they differ from those offered on the European island.

In the case of Kahnawake, we have:

  • Interactive Games License (IGL) that is granted only to the on-site host company
  • Service Provider Authorization (CPA) is provided to those companies that want to obtain an online gambling and bookmaker license. They must be based on an IGL licensed hosting structure
  • Secondary provider authorization for customers headquartered in another jurisdiction recognized by the Commission
  • Key person license, which, as the name suggests, is only issued to persons representing companies with a CPA license.

     4. Malta 

This license is currently facing several challenges, in particular with players who do not feel like it helps or even protects despite the current procedures. But this is possibly the best jurisdiction in Europe. The hard work done by the MGA (Malta Gambling Authority) allowed them to gain an edge over other countries that were also interested in being the headquarters of online bookmakers. There is a B2B Gaming License, which refers to the supply and management of game elements, software vendors, and the control system in which the vendor is located.

On paper, this license is correct: every casino wishing to subscribe is asked to provide evidence that its software has been tested for approximately 1 semester to confirm its quality and sign a player safety and protection charter. Finally, if admission is made, the operator will have to pay PLM 2,000 in payment followed by 3,000 in monthly fees. Moreover, even if there are many complaints, the authority remains dormant and prefers not to intervene.

     5. Alderney

Usually a small Anglo-Norman island with tax advantages (tax haven). To obtain this state license, online casinos must pass a series of rigorous exams to obtain the best license. The reassuring thing about this license is that companies do not need to prove by external or internal investigations that their casinos are operating honestly and that their software is trusted. Note: online casinos will have to shell out 95,000 dollars a year.

       6. Gibraltar

As you all know, Gibraltar is a British colony located south of the Iberian Peninsula. Therefore, although it belongs to the United Kingdom, it has an autonomous government. This autonomous government has fueled the rise of online gambling houses and casinos in recent years, offering these companies both tax breaks and services.

This has resulted in dozens of bookmakers opening their headquarters in Gibraltar, despite being an area of less than 7 km² and approximately 30,000 inhabitants.

Why? Mainly because it offers services in two of the most important languages in the world of online sales, Spanish and English. All residents are non-bilingual, so companies don't need to double down to focus on the Hispanic and Anglo-Saxon markets.

In addition, there are low taxes and Gibraltar rules that have been properly adapted to the requirements of the bookmakers. But the latter also have other countries.

Its main attraction is the ability to work with two markets for much less money. Ideal for those looking to succeed in both the Spanish market (Spain and Latin America) and the English market (practically the rest of the world).

But has one of the toughest rules for doing business. Indeed, to join this license, this overseas territory, for the company wishing to establish, they want to ensure the legitimacy of the casino. Gibraltar is arguably the most competent and reliable jurisdiction in the industry. To be eligible for this license, you must be a stable and well-established company at the same time. In other words, to be a licensed casino, you need a business that has a solid financial base and offers detailed profits. If all these criteria are not met, there is no chance of becoming an owner.

      7. Isle of Man

It is located in the Irish Sea, considered a tax haven. But this does not mean that they do not get along with partner companies. Indeed, every casino is checked with a toothcomb. In addition, this license works on an application basis, after the casino applies, a commission appears that will determine if the casino can obtain a license. Owning this online casino license will cost 47,000 dollars plus 1.5% tax. The island is now recognized worldwide and boasts of its efficiency.

       8. UK

This UK license is known to be one of the most serious in the industry. It is very easy to obtain an online gambling license, depending on what the business needs.

Thus, there is a license for online betting on real events, like real matches or events such as soccer, tennis, basketball, or horse racing tournaments, as well as another license for virtual events such as lotteries.

Of course, there is also a general special license for sports betting and another for foreign companies. In short, the United Kingdom is fairly comprehensive. The Gambling Commission is responsible for issuing these licenses.

The weak point of this accreditation is the tax rate, which can intimidate many gaming companies. In addition, this tax is 15% and is the highest in the industry. Players are a major concern as this license offers a simplified procedure for every dispute, and they are all taken seriously.

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