The Gambling Laws In Сanada | Altenar

The Gambling Laws In Сanada | Altenar

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Speaking with Altenar’s Technical Compliance Manager, Marina Zacharopoulou, she offered invaluable insight into how an operator and a gaming related supplier looking to enter Canada - Ontario can achieve licence and certification in line with the gambling laws of Canada.  

As a licensed sportsbook provider, Altenar has ample and always-expanding experience and knowledge of the Canadian market that recently opened its doors to the world iGaming. The benefits of new markets arising is that new and interesting technologies and content can come to the forefront of the gambling world, and this also extends to gambling laws. 

If you’re looking to enter the Canadian gambling market with a world renowned sportsbook provider, you should contact Altenar today to either book a meeting with our award-winning experts or request a demo of the flexible and stable sportsbook solution! 

In this article, the aim is to demonstrate the legal requirements of an expanding iGaming landscape that is witnessing an influx of interest as it becomes a global iGaming power much akin to its North American neighbours and historically its Latin American counterparts. 

With a host of expertise in these areas, Altenar has positioned itself as a go-to provider for these regions and as a result, many operators look to Altenar for its tier-one content and belief that regulated markets make gaming more fun! 

Additionally, Marina explained that for Canada, each province has its own regime and regulatory frameworks, she notes fr om the interview*, “During the licensing process we had to meet a list of standards and a variety of requirements from corporate ones, to security ones as well as auditing our sportsbook with an independent test lab. The ISO 27001 certification which was obtained very recently was a huge asset & benefit for us during the whole process. Of course Altenar  is already licensed and regulated in a number of jurisdictions, as such, it was quite straightforward for us to comply with regulations in Ontario.” 

Before this article delves deep into the regulations and the gambling laws of Canada, let’s take a brief look at what Altenar offers to the Canadian market … 

  • Bet Builder: soccer, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey.
  • Early Payout: soccer, American football, basketball ,tennis, baseball and ice hockey.
  • Enhanced parlays and teasers
  • 0% Margin: on selected major markets of major events.
  • Combination of odds feeds using official real time data: MLB, NBA , NHL, CFL and NFL.
  • Revamped Cashout
  • Robust offering of player props across soccer, baseball, basketball, American football and ice hockey.
  • E-sports
  • Mobile sportsbook: a native app. 

As of April 4th 2022, iGaming operators rushed to a new, legal and budding market: Canada.

What is required to become regulated in Canada while adhering to gambling laws?

You must fall under the specified characteristics of a Supplier(s), this will ensure that your content and solutions are law compliant and therefore is able to offer your players the best possible experience. 

To discover more on this, a provider, operator or supplier must conform with the AGCO’s Internet Gaming Suppliers Application Guide, that contains detailed information to assist you when applying for registration in Ontario’s or Canada’s internet gaming market. Registration is required in Ontario for Gaming-Related Suppliers that fall into the two categories detailed below.

Gaming-Related Supplier – Manufacturers

A person that manufactures, provides, installs, tests, maintains or repairs gaming equipment or who provides consulting or similar services directly related to the playing of a lottery scheme or the operation of a gaming site.

Gaming-Related Supplier – Other

A person that provides, installs, tests, maintains or repairs gaming equipment or who provides consulting or similar services directly related to the playing of a lottery scheme or the operation of a gaming site. 

How will the AGCO vet and assess applications in accordance with the gambling laws in Canada?

The AGCO will work with you to confirm the details of your application and whether registration as a Gaming-Related Supplier is appropriate for you. The Registrar retains the discretion to make this determination and will do so in a reasonable manner, focusing on the activity that the company or individual will be engaging in rather than the business category. Among the questions we will ask are whether:

  • You are directly providing a good or service to players.
  • You are producing (e.g., software or hardware) or offering a service.
  • Your products or services are directly related to game play or the operation of a gaming website.

Here are some general examples, though you will be assessed individually…

  •  Platform operators/providers.
  • Manufacturers, developers, providers, and/or operators of games and game systems.
  • Providers of electronic wallets to customers.
  • Makers of odds.
  • Organisations that monitor sports integrity.
  • Independent testing laboratories.

Wh ere will you submit any and all necessary documentation to be compliant with Canada’s gambling laws?

Applicants complete all AGCO registration-related transactions via the iAGCO web-based portal. You can apply for and manage your AGCO-issued licences, permits, authorisations, and registrations at any time and from any location by creating an iAGCO account.

You will receive your registration certificate via email once it has been approved (also available for download via your iAGCO account).

You can also view the real-time status of your applications and reuse your saved information for all future applications, amendments, and renewals. You only need to update that information when something changes. (988)

What will an operator be required to submit to the AGCO? 

To allow the AGCO to begin processing your application, please include the following:

  • Supplier Application
  • Personal Disclosure for individuals identified below
  • Entity Disclosure (if applicable)
  • Regulatory fee
  • Supporting documents (as applicable)

As well as, any additional supporting documentation, which may include the following… 

  • Business Name Registration
  • Constituting Document(s)
  • Certificate or Articles of Incorporation
  • Charter/By-Laws
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Limited Partnership Agreement
  • Limited Partnership Declaration
  • Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Trust Agreement
  • Any other constituting documentation relevant to the entity
  • Details of Shares
  • Extra-Provincial Power of Attorney (for Limited Partnerships)
  • Financial Statements
  • Government-Issued Identification
  • Personal History – Gaming
  • Schematic Diagram
  • Partnership & Limited Partnership: showing the relationship between the partners, any affiliates or subsidiary entities, and any individual or entity that has a 5% or greater interest in the partnership. 
  • Corporation: showing the relationship between the applicant and all shareholders (including parent or holding corporations) owning 5% or more of any shares of the applicant corporation, and any affiliated or subsidiary corporations. 
  • Joint Venture: showing the relationship between the joint venture partners, any affiliates or subsidiary entities, and any individual or entity that has a 5% or greater interest in the joint venture. 
  • Association: showing the relationship between the applicant and any entities forming the association, any affiliates or subsidiary entities, and any individual or entity that has a 5% or greater interest in the association. 
  • Signature of Applicant or Partner(s) as applicable
  • Tax Return and Tax Assessment
  • Criminal Background Check (if Canada is not the primary residence of an individual)
  • Description of Third-Party Suppliers
  • Description of Quality Assurance Process

As well as a host of other necessities like entity disclosure and personal disclosure, all ensuring that your iGaming business is compliant and up to date with all of Canada’s gambling laws. 

You can discover more about Canada, compliance in the region and all things sportsbook and sports betting solutions by contacting Altenar today! 

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