The Familiarity Bias & The Benefits Of Providing Localised Sports Content | Altenar

The Familiarity Bias & The Benefits Of Providing Localised Sports Content | Altenar

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Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, takes a look at how the process of familiarity bias can benefit operators who are looking to find a new provider or to begin their sportsbook journey. 

As a cornerstone of behavioural biases, the familiarity bias best lends itself to sports betting because it poses the idea that players are more likely to bet on games, leagues and events that are most familiar to them. 

In this sense, by understanding your player's pre-existing love for specific sports you could create a market-leading operation that’s bettor-centric. 

With the familiarity bias playing a large role in how bettors place bets, the frequency and the amount could be down to how well an operator, yourself, knows the market landscape and its players. 

Altenar's Market Penetration & Global Market Expertise | Informing The Familiarity Bias

Altenar, a sportsbook software developer, has ample experience in varied markets, and as a result, has developed an understanding of regional landscapes and the bettors that comprise them. 

Operators using Altenar-provided sportsbooks can tailor their content offering to incorporate local and traditional sports, preferred content and more that helps to bolster player retention rates and satisfaction. 

Your players will likely place bets on what they know, and you have the potential to offer the best betting experience with Altenar's software, several data providers and state-of-the-art technologies that have won globally-recognised awards and respect. 

You can discover more on sportsbooks, bettor psychology and how to begin your journey in sports betting operations by contacting Altenar today!

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