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Sports Betting Revenue Rises Again for iGaming Quickly Enclosing On Predicted 1Billion Revenue In Greece

With a growing market taking place in Greece, the 2024 predicted revenue of 1 Billion Euros is closer to grasp that many might realise. With an increase in bets-placed, players online and the wealth of next-generation gamers coming to the world of sports betting, fantasy leagues and Esports. The Greek market is witnessing tremendous revenue spikes in line with the sports betting global increase, as sportsbook software providers like Altenar, are experiencing increased demand for their state-of-the-art sportsbook solutions. 

On the waves of momentum-increases from the pandemic, many operators are seeking turn-key or bespoke solutions for their iGaming website, and thanks to a history of work, a good word from current customers and the provable success of Altenar’s sportsbook software, Greece’s market is looking to the sportsbook software provider to provide harmonious sports betting ecosystems that are not only filled with entertainment but economic certainties as well. 

According to Eltrun in a study published in 2011, over 100,000 Greeks frequented e-betting sites and that number is predicted to have increased over the past years, as more legalised and regulated operators arrived in Greece to harness the potential of, what was then, an emerging market.  

With a top-end prediction from Online Sports Betting in Greece: An Empirical Investigation, co-authored by Ioannis Papanastasiou and Vasileios Fourlas, the average monthly spend on sports betting was 390 Euros per month, which is predicted to have more than doubled from 2016 to 2022. 

As the sports betting market in Greece grows, the demand for Altenar’s software does as well, though, what can Altenar offer you?

Choosing Your Sportsbook Provider In Greece

Choosing a sportsbook software provider can be difficult, though knowing the country you want to enter can speed-up the process… especially as Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, has ample experience and expertise within Greece’s regulated market.

With Altenar, you’ll not only receive localised knowledge of the Greek sports betting and iGaming industry, but have your bespoke sportsbook informed by the information that Altenar has acquired from its time on the market and the experiences compiled by Altenar’s team. This offers operators, like you, the chance to have a sportsbook solution that’s not only stable but entrenched in flexibility as well. 

You’ll have access to several data providers, a wealth of top-notch sports content, risk management systems, a manual-aspect backend and a customisable front layer … all the while, experiencing a partnership with a sportsbook software provider that’s always striving for better software additions, sports content and ways for your customers to consume this. 

If you’re looking to harness the power of Altenar’s bespoke service and top-of-the-range sportsbook software solutions you can chat with one of Altenar’s passionate professionals today! 

Discover more about Altenar and what this sports betting provider means for your future on Greece’s iGaming market. Together, you and Altenar will achieve success and propel the sports betting industry forward, helping to shape the future face of the increasingly-popular iGaming vertical. 

Join the future today, join Altenar!

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