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Landmark Extensions To Japan’s $65bn Sports Betting Industry | Altenar

As the world of sports betting in Japan continues to grow and operators, central Government and players begin to see the potential that the market can offer, Altenar a sportsbook software provider is beginning to see the predicted revenues for the region, such as the $65bn revenue. 

With a historical scepticism embedded into the local culture around betting, the recent history of sports betting in Japan was restricted to only one sporting event, though the haemorrhaging effects of the pandemic saw closer inspection from governing bodies to open up the sports betting scope for the country, with the aim of having one of largest regulated markets in the world. 

Adding Japan’s most popular sports, Football and Baseball, to the offering for players, has demonstrated by putting theory into practice just how successful Japan’s sports betting market can be. With the likes of Altenar at the helm of sports betting software, operators look to companies like the aforementioned sportsbook software provider for premium content, unique features, and the localised knowledge that informs the creation of an operator's website. 

Reports from Kansai University stated that Japan’s sports betting market suffered losses around $2.5bn in the early months of 2021 and it’s the likes of Altenar that know this economic hit can be healed and recouped with greater adoption and penetration of the sports betting market in Japan. 

Though, what can Altenar offer operators in the Japanese market?

Sports Betting Brought To You From Altenar

Altenar’s sportsbook software solutions are the starting point to success and have been for a host of operators that have entered other emerging and large markets like Latin America and Europe. It’s with this strong history of inception to actualisation that routes Altenar’s software, advice and overall industry accolade in trust, perseverance and groundbreaking-technology. 

With operators having 24/7 access to Altenar’s support team, that cover a host of regions and languages, you will receive a perfectly tailored experience that incorporates Altenar’s liveable mantra ‘stability meets flexibility’. 

Your sportsbook will have a customisable front layer that adheres to your branding and your style, all the while, keeping gamers engaged with your sports betting site. With a manual aspect backend keeping track of report data, bettors, and all the nitty-gritty aspects of your sportsbook, you as the operator can rest easy knowing that your sportsbook is running smoothly, efficiently and in line with all safer gaming needs. 

Always-improving risk management systems are in place that adhere to country-by-country laws and regulations, with a team of fantastic security professionals keeping your sportsbook up-to-date. 

With access to several data providers and a wealth of sports and Esports content, operators are not only amazed with Altenar’s software, but the sportsbook software provider's ethos and dedication to the sports betting industry and their operators. 

If you’re looking to learn more about Altenar, and what they can do for you, you can contact one of their passionate professionals today and learn more about the sportsbook software that will help you traverse the sports betting world of Japan. 

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