Sports Betting Dominates The Netherlands IGaming Industry According To Altenars Findings

Sports Betting Dominates The Netherlands IGaming Industry According To Altenars Findings

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The demand for legal sports betting platforms has grown exponentially for the Netherlands iGaming market, and as many players, bettors and gamers call for further legalisation, many operators are looking to enter the Netherlands market for the first time in some years.

Answering the growing desire for online betting platforms, many operators are looking to the likes of Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, to deliver a wealth of sports betting solutions … luckily, this is where Altenar shines and has received tremendous industry accolades because of. 

With sports betting holding the highest revenue for 2021 across Europe, at 27.17 USD billion, the Netherlands market not only shows promise for operators but the ability for sports betting businesses to grow in a relatively new sports betting market that could out compete other European regions over time.

As player numbers grow in magnitude, with over 634,000 verified player accounts, and as newer regulations and legislations take place, the sports betting market is predicted to double in size over the coming years.

KSA predicts that 90% of players will return or refrain fr om using unlicensed operators moving forward.

With an establishing sports betting market in the Netherlands, the flourishing ecosystem for sportsbooks is unrivalled, though, what else can an operator expect from the likes of Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, in a market so hungry for sports betting content? 

Establishing A Sports Betting Equilibrium With Altenar 

Altenar’s sportsbook solutions offer operators and their players a wealth of sports content from Basketball to Football to Fantasy Leagues, and promotes cultivating a unique experience market-by-market to operator-by-operator, and in doing so, Altenar has garnered widespread respect from the industry that’s spurred on the growth of the sportsbook software provider

With top of the range sports content, Altenar also offers operators access to several data providers to reduce the risk of bettors site-surfing. On top of quick and true data, Altenar boasts state-of-the art technology from widgets to a manual aspect backend. 

At Altenar safer gaming, regulations and risk management are of the utmost importance and as a result, Altenar are always looking for ways to improve risk systems, report building and keeping up to date on sports betting licences for operators.

Though all of these outstanding features are accessible to operators, the long-standing relationships, dedication to stability meeting flexibility, and a wealth of industry knowledge, Altenar is the top choice for sportsbook operators because of their previous success rate and ability to grow and sustain relationships is a jaw-dropping feat of achievement. 

You can learn more about Altenar by visiting their website today, there, you can find case studies from around the world, market reports, sportsbook demos and general industry and Altenar know-how. 

Want to know more about the people behind the sportsbook software provider, Altenar? You can discover more about Altenar’s passionate professionals by booking a meeting today or visiting Altenar’s LinkedIn page. 

Altenar is wh ere stability meets flexibility and as the Netherlands sports betting market grows, more operators are seeking-out Altenar, one of the top sports betting software providers in the iGaming industry to take their sports betting businesses to the next level.

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