Sport betting trends in 2022

Sport betting trends in 2022

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Many gamblers go gambling to try their luck. They are called gamblers, they try to defeat their rival — the bookmaker every time. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with trends and use them.

To beat the bookmaker, you need to competently use the game bank, do not forget about bankroll management, and adhere to a certain strategy. The last element does not always work. An excellent option for today is to search for current trends. How to do it?

Sports betting is becoming a lucrative, in-demand activity and mass entertainment. There are many operators behind the sports betting business that offer competitive odds, bonuses, and offers that attract fans of various sports disciplines.

With fans returning to stadiums in 2022, this is expected to be the full norm, accelerating the growth of the traditional sports industry. Bookmakers like Betway online betting are aware of the impact that a full-fledged sports industry can have on the sector. The dynamic global sports schedule motivates millions of players to view statistics and make predictions for their pleasure.

1. Processing large amounts of data

Today, all users have access to up-to-date information about the world of sports. Most professionals analyze the data collected thanks to Big Data technology.

Despite the absence of fans at the stadiums, sporting events continue to take place according to the calendar.

Hundreds of matches and tournaments attract millions of players every year, helping to manage large amounts of data related to players, results, performances, and many other metrics that lead to satisfactory predictions.

Even prestigious brands like Betway use this type of technology to set odds and determine the likelihood of an event occurring.

2. Football continues to reign

All indications are that football will continue to be the monarch of betting more and more teams are committing to sponsoring brands associated with bookmakers.

Gaming brands rely on sports to gain visibility in stadiums with their players 'shirts, advertise in strategic locations in stadiums, appear on teams' official websites, and make a name for themselves in the media.

3. The biggest rise in esports

Esports gained incredible popularity in the year of the pandemic, and this year they have grown in both revenue and audience. Platforms such as Twitch and YouTube have taken care of promoting competitive events, forming a strong and loyal community with the videogame universe and online esports tournaments.

It is known that the competition is watched by millions of viewers, many of them even claim millionaire prizes. Bookmakers have exclusive sections to ensure fans can place their bets as efficiently as possible to take advantage of this boom, which will undoubtedly continue to grow in 2022.

It's the same with esports betting, which will become a trend next year as more followers join the passion this virtual sport is sparking.

4. Cryptocurrencies gain preference

Restrictions and strict conditions on the use of payment methods in some countries may restrict the use of financial instruments fr om traditional banking structures.

To overcome these obstacles, bookmakers accept deposits and withdrawals using virtual currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, just to name a few.

One of the advantages of cryptography is the preservation of anonymity, reliability, and speed in money exchange processes. In addition, no complicated procedures are required for digital wallet operators.

5. Automatic bets

Automatic bets allow players to make predictions without wasting a lot of time. Betting experts use rule-based strategies to set fixed rates and automate the entire process.

This type of betting can be very productive as bets on odds that have not been determined can be very profitable.

Other trends that will set the tone in 2022 are mobile betting, live streaming betting, and more flexibility in regulating the sector.

6. Online Betting

After the bookmaker businesswas legalized almost everywhere in the United States in 2018, the live betting segment began to grow rapidly. At the same time, in states wh ere online betting is allowed, the vast majority of bets are made through mobile devices, and not in bookmaker offices. For example, in New Jersey in October 2021, the share of rates issued in this way exceeded 90 percent. Which allowed the state to add $10 million in taxes to its coffers!

And the digital transformation of the market will continue to intensify, as it is beneficial to everyone — bookmakers, bettors, and the state. Where live betting is still banned or limited, the ‘black market’ immediately arises. To get rid of this problem, the last barriers will be gradually removed. This is obvious to everyone.

7. Esports betting

The volume of esports bets will continue to grow in 2022. If we take the United States, then in 2021 they were legalized in Arizona, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Ohio. New York State will be joining them soon. In addition, the investments of the esports companies themselves will grow due to the relaxation of legislation.

Surely this trend will be noticeable in the Russian betting market because esports in this country is experiencing rapid growth in popularity thanks to the success of domestic teams (for example, CS: GO is now dominated by the representatives of the CIS NaVi and Gambit). For new generations of bettors, cyber disciplines are gradually replacing traditional ones. It is no coincidence that the audience of the largest tournaments in ‘virtual’ sports is already higher than during the Olympics, the volume of bets on the events of which is rapidly falling.

8. NFT and blockchain

The term non-fungible token (non-fungible token) or NFT, which is still unusual for many, will be of increasing importance in the world of betting. Assets like these could be digital copies of original art, skins for video game characters, virtual clothing that can only be viewed with special glasses or headphones, and even virtual homes.

Each NFT contains a unique identifier that is stored in a digital ledger protected by blockchain technology, so it cannot be copied, hacked, or duplicated. Tokens are already actively used for real transactions — and will certainly be involved in betting.

Professional sports leagues have already agreed on licensing deals with sports betting operators — to create collectible files with names, images, and images of players that can be bought, sold, and exchanged. And, for example, Wyoming passed a law according to which users can fund their sports betting accounts using cryptocurrency.

The digital generation dictates the terms. And only bookmakers who promptly accept these conditions will survive on the market in the coming years of great changes. In Russia, for example, the first bookmaker on the NFT market was the League of Stakes. In mid-December, a token in the form of a ‘Golden Jackpot’ was placed on the crypto exchange to participate in the ‘Jackpot’ drawing — a large-scale project that unites users who make bets in the ‘League of Betting’.

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