SIGMA: eSports, Virtual Sports, Greyhound, and Horse Racing with Tassos Theocharidis

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The world of sports betting comes alive at SIGMA Europe, hosted in Malta fr om November 13-17. Altenar Sales Assistant, Tassos Theocharidis, prepares to explore the aspects of eSports, virtual sports, greyhound racing, and horse racing.

The rise of eSports betting

The eSports industry is booming, wh ere avatars clash in games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS: GO. Beyond spectating, eSports betting has become a top player in this virtual arena. Tassos will unravel how businesses can capitalise on this trend by offering tailored betting solutions.

Partnerships with eSports teams can open doors to exclusive betting opportunities and promotions, setting ventures apart in a crowded market. The discussion will also touch upon the art of analysing player statistics and recent performances to place winning bets.

Mastering the odds: Virtual sports betting strategies

Unlike traditional sports, virtual sports are impervious to weather disruptions and scheduling conflicts, offering a 24/7 betting advantage. Virtual football, horse racing, and cycling captivate audiences with their consistent appeal.

In this segment, Tassos will explore how creators craft these synthetic sporting events and shed light on the technology behind the scenes. Additionally, he will discuss the strategic pros of complementing traditional sports betting with virtual sports, showcasing a continuous engagement platform for punters.

Greyhound racing betting: The fast-paced niche

Greyhound racing, with its swift, dynamic races, has carved a niche in the betting world, especially in regions like the UK, Ireland, and Australia. The audience will learn about different race formats and betting options, including win, place, and trifecta.

Handicapping greyhound races involves weighing various factors. Tassos will share insights to improve betting outcomes for fans of this fast-paced sport.

Horse racing betting: A mix of tradition and excitement

The charm of betting on horse races is evident. From the fast pace of flat races to the lively jumps in steeplechase, this timeless contest offers a mix of excitement and variety for bettors.

Differentiating between various types of horse racing and comprehending betting options, such as win, exacta, and superfecta, can be an art. Attendees will learn to interpret a horse racing program and analyse odds, thus expanding their betting skills.

Carving success in the betting industry

The SIGMA Europe event, with the insights of Tassos Theocharidis, will be a treasure trove of valuable information. The landscape of sports betting is ripe with opportunities. After exploring these unique sporting events and delivering value-added sportsbook solutions, operators can position themselves for victory.

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