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Altenar, a leading provider of sports and markets solutions, is proud to announce the integration of player props across 1-2-3 soccer championships. This integration expands the range of betting options available to players, enabling a more personalised and engaging betting experience. With Altenar's cutting-edge technologies and commitment to enhancing player satisfaction, operators can attract new players and retain their existing user base in highly competitive markets.

Expanding Market Opportunities:

By incorporating player props into a wider selection of leagues and championships, operators can tap into new market segments and increase their chances of acquiring new players. Altenar's expanded offering now includes lower-tier championships such as Belgium, Portugal, Mexico, and more, alongside the already available major championships like England, Spain, Italy, and France. This comprehensive coverage ensures that players can find their favourite leagues and players regardless of their popularity or tier status.

Personalized Betting Experience:

The integration of player props across multiple championships empowers players to personalize their betting experience according to their preferences and favorite athletes. Previously, Altenar offered the ability to place bets on players in major championships such as soccer leagues in England, Spain, Italy, and basketball leagues like the NBA and NCAA. Now, this feature extends to lower-tier championships, enabling users to predict various outcomes related to their favorite players, such as "How many points will LeBron James score?" or "How many shots on target will Erling Haaland have?". This level of agility enhances player engagement and creates a more immersive and tailored betting environment.

Altenar's Commitment to Player Satisfaction:

Altenar prides itself on its robust technologies and continuous efforts to enhance the player experience. By integrating player props across “tier” 1-2-3 soccer championships, Altenar demonstrates its commitment to providing operators with innovative solutions that keep players engaged and satisfied. The integration of these new markets is a testament to Altenar's dedication to meeting the evolving demands of the iGaming industry.

Join Altenar Today:

To take advantage of Altenar's award-winning sportsbook solution and offer your players an unparalleled betting experience, contact the provider today. By integrating Altenar's comprehensive sports and markets offering, operators can gain a competitive edge, attract new players, and ensure the retention of their existing user base.

Contact the award-winning provider today and be sure to add its sportsbook solution to your iGaming offering! 

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