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Peru: A Gambling Nation - Altenar’s Market Overview And Insights

Peru is one of the largest gambling nations in South America and as a result sees some of the largest areas for expansion and opportunity given that the nation has adopted gambling and online gambling as part of their everyday lives. 

Altenar, the sportsbook software provider, recently compiled a host of market reports and insights that are available per request via their website. In these reports, Altenar discovered a plethora of interesting information on open markets and most notably amongst them, Peru. 

Having expertise built-up and constructed over years of operating in global markets, Altenar is uniquely positioned to admire the iGaming market in Peru that has grown from traditional in-land gaming to online in a matter of years. 

Opening the avenues of access to gaming technology is one of Altenar’s strong points and it appears to have successfully catered to the demands of Peru’s market and the everyday bettor who have, for the most part of the past millennium, favoured betting games like horse racing. 

In a brief history of Peru’s gambling market, gamers are enamoured by horse racing and as it currently stands, this is one of the oldest forms of gaming in the country. The Hipodromo de Monterrico opened in Lima in 1960, with an all-weather track so gambling didn’t have to cease during unfavourable conditions.

However, football/soccer takes first place for most favoured sports and volleyball a close third. 

Amongst these insights, Altenar discovered that the country’s CAGR percentage is on the rise and the estimated revenue was around 1 billion USD as of 2016 which is estimated to have increased exponentially over the years. 

Though what else can be said about Peru’s growing market and what it could do for you? 

Let’s take a look… 

Peru, Altenar And You: The Sportsbook Software Trio

With Altenar’s already strong presence in the Latin American Market the sports betting software provider understands the uniqueness of the market scope and therefore the niche needs of the Peruvian market. 

In line with this, Altenar’s reports demonstrated the kind of expansion that the Peruvian market could be susceptible to given its glowing outlook on iGaming and gambling in general. 

The graph below demonstrates the tremendous growth potential for this market and those operating within it and as the adage goes ‘mighty oaks from little acorns grow’. Which can be seen from Altenar’s Latin American market report from which this graph was extrapolated. 

Given the mounting expansion and growth potential, many operators are looking to Peru for their business to flourish and Altenar can help you today to build and succeed within the Peruvian market. 

Altenar’s host of passionate professionals will be there for you through each step of the process and for that you should contact them today to see why Altenar is where stability meets flexibility. 

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