Opinions on Artificial Intelligence With Comments From Altenar’s Marina Zacharopoulou

Opinions on Artificial Intelligence With Comments From Altenar’s Marina Zacharopoulou

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As a sportsbook software provider, Altenar is home to some of the top minds in modern technology and as a result, the award-winning solutions provider has ample opinions on hot topics in tech and the know-how on how to implement, explain and develop betting tools with these technologies. 

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Speaking with Altenar’s Marina Zacharopoulou, it became clear that the development of AI in recent years has drastically changed and benefited the world at large. 

“For me, the year 2020 was crucial for humanity,” Marina mused. “Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we got to know terms such as AI, digital transformation, algorithms, virtual sports and data analytics!”

Marina continued, “we even witnessed the EU’s attempt to regulate AI with the proposal of the AI Act and the question remains, can it be regulated?”

Marina continued to mull over the idea of AI and as the cogs inevitably turned she questioned, “what is AI though? There is not a clear definition of AI, unfortunately, but we could say that it is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. No, I am not referring to robots who clean the house! I am referring to data and algorithms! Algorithms are like a recipe and we feed them with data and more data so that we achieve the analysis we wish for.” 

Marina explained the benefit of Artificial Intelligence, “with AI we can prevent fraud, match-fixing and succeed in automated AML regulatory compliance! Altenar goes hand in hand with these applications so that we enhance the users’ experience but at the same time achieve compliance with the different requirements per jurisdiction.” 

Marina continued, “I would say that we implement theory into practice! AI is all about perceiving data and analysing them and synthesising them. At the same time though AI hides dangers and it has to maintain an ethical and human-centred approach. In Altenar we strongly believe that AI will allow operators, providers and regulatory bodies to raise the standards in the responsible gambling area by using fewer data but with more accuracy and efficiency.”

Concluding with, “AI is going to be the main catalyst in areas like online gambling which are already moving towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution ( IR 4.0).

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