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Machine Learning, Unsupervised Models & Data For Online Business | Altenar

How can one of the newest aspects of technology benefit online businesses and how is it being used by Altenar, a Sportsbook Software Provider? Altenar’s Senior Data Analyst, Darren Willenberg, discusses how the Sports Betting solution provider is successfully harnessing and implementing Machine Learning technologies in a heavy-data field like Sports Betting and iGaming. 

Darren noted that the increased usage, knowledge and application of ML has seen more and more small to medium businesses implement structures in the everyday running of their ventures, and as a result of working for one such company (Altenar) has witnessed the benefits of unlocking machine learning and business insights with new technologies, such as Altenar’s AIP to the inordinate benefit of customers, end users and operators. 

Darren explained Altenar’s use of ML, “we’ve got a lot of established systems and we’re on a good analytics journey. We’ve got a pretty good platform to do some amazing and interesting research to take our current models further.” 

Additionally, Darren added, “I would say that a top priority this year is to ensure that machine learning is actively used to support real-time notifications and reporting to manage potential business risks. We will provide notifications as a service to our customers for topics such as abnormal betting patterns, unusual cashout behaviours, abuse of terminals and more.” 

The process of Altenar’s use of ML will help the provider create greater and faster insight into ‘market risks’ and ‘betting exposure’, amongst other benefits, Darren noted, “Most of our models are unsupervised models- we feed it data that we think can answer our need-to-know questions, like who is a good/bad/profitable/problem gamer, select the best features (something that describes them numerically). We’ll then use these unsupervised models and their data by clustering them into meaningful subsets that can explain something important/ answer the questions.” 

Darren continued, “It’s a very successful process, and as ML becomes more and more mainstream, we see a lot of support for ML - any question I might have, there might be someone who has begun and seen results elsewhere in the world, and we might be able to add our input into that knowledge base as well.” 

Darren, having started as an engineer, noted that ML seemed like the next logical step in his data journey, and that “every problem I had to solve involved data to unpack it, so I've always had this experience in applying models and now we’re lucky to have machine learning.” 

You can discover more about Altenar’s technology and solutions by contacting the award-winning Sportsbook provider today to begin your Sports Betting journey right! 

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