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Introducing Altenar’s IOM Finance Manager Megan Thomas | Interpreting Data & Trends

Speaking with Megan on her role in the IOM, the prevalence of her expertise and position within Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, stood out as an important role within the growing journey of the provider. 

Megan shared her previous experience in a Big Four accountancy firm and how being a chartered accountant ensures she can process data and analyse trends to the benefit of Altenar and ensure that the sportsbook provider is performing well and meeting desirable targets. 

In her spare time, Altenar’s Finance Manager runs global full/half marathons, recently noting an enjoyable time in the London and Berlin Marathons. With compassion for mental health, Megan raises money for local institutions and charities.

It's this essence of empathy, dedication and drive for inclusivity, change and adventure that drew Megan to her role at Altenar and makes her a key figure in the success of the sportsbook software provider.

Discover what Megan had to say in the interview below.


What does your role entail and how does it benefit Altenar as a whole? 

“My role as Finance Manager is to help look after the daily finances of the Company and to help identify cost-saving strategies to maximise profits, but also to produce reporting for management and owners of the business. This gives an insight as to how the business is performing and if targets are being achieved.”

What is your history in finance? 

“Before joining Altenar I worked at a Big Four accountancy firm for 5 years, where I worked for many different types of clients, across a broad range of sectors. From there, I then worked for a shipping company, specifically feeder vessels for 3 years.”


What excites you about your area of expertise / about working in Altenar?


Being able to interpret the data and analyse any trends that may occur throughout the year, depending on what tournaments are taking place. iGaming is a fast-paced and innovative industry, so you are constantly learning new things and adapting.


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